Get Hired – Job Interview Tips

The job interview is the most crucial stage in employment where every detail is scrutinized not to fault find but to drive for perfection in ensuring the standards. It is where the interviewer throw questions to be answered by the applicant professionally and not biblical.

Learn some tips on how to present oneself in a job interview.

To start up, we apply for a post in a company because we know that we met the standards. As a basis of the set standards or also known as qualifications, the advertisement enumerates the company’s expectations to sieve the wrong entrance and save time. As professionals, we give value to time, therefore, we would like to prevent loss of money, effort and especially time. Once the ad is posted, the job seeker must learn how to assess himself if he would be fitted for the job.

After which is the only time to submit a cover letter and a curriculum vitae (resume). Give it a day or two to follow on call if the resume has been received to confirm upon receipt, if the employer hasn’t responded which happens in online application.

On the other hand, a visit delivers a submission of documents face-to-face and 99{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5}  of it ensures an immediate interview. Based on the flow of the latter, these are the normal responses:

1. If the employer finds the applicant fit for the job or the need is immediate, documents will be filled up as a part of the company policy in order to process hiring which also serves as an orientation.
2. The employer might set an official start of work. It is important that the mind is healthy and set before entering a new environment.
3. Note that most companies avoid holding training as much as possible because it consumes time. If an applicant if coming in with a higher position, only an orientation would be provided which won’t take more than 2 days. Nonetheless, if an applicant is coming in with a regular post, the company normally requires both the training and orientation which won’t take longer than 1 week. Either of the two, the billing cycle starts from the first day of attendance.

Some companies only officialize the date of hiring to process the employment after the given course of training. Synonymous to the job interview, there are criteria to be met and should be maintained after hiring. Here are some of the criteria to be adapted and performed.

3.1. Proper decorum. It is important to look smart to represent the company. Dress up properly and respond accordingly. Always remember to greet with half-a-smile by saying, “Good morning!” and use polite words such as “Excuse me, Kindly, etc.” to develop an ideal ambiance and consideration to others. Be calm and composed.
3.2. Proper clothing. This is the only thing that doesn’t change in the company policy.
Men and women should always be tidy and presentable. Men should wear ironed clothes that aren’t too fit nor loose. Make sure that the shoes are shined and stick with the basic colors on top. Avoid flashy and printed tops, especially without the collars. Tuck in properly and ideally wear brown or black belt that match the color of the shoes.

Women should wear skirts that aren’t more than 2 inches above the knees to avoid intimidation in the office environment. The heals shouldn’t be over two inches and the top should be lower than 2-3 inches below the neck. Make sure to wear a collar or a turtle neck or a top. Avoid skimpy clothes. Wear light makeup and untangle that hair making sure that the face won’t be covered. The nails should be trimmed and not too long. Avoid from strong nail polish. Be it in cross legs or feet together, sit straight. Who wouldn’t want to smell good? Wear light performs with a light scent like Green Tea of Elizabeth Arden. And always stick with the standard colors as much as possible such as black and brown. Don’t over accessorize.

3.3. Be ethical. Ethics can be environmental which gives people various responses to situations where character is seen. However, as literate or educated, be professional in observing courtesy. Pay the superiors or higher ups proper respect. Remember that the office is certainly not a home. Therefore, it is a must to observe boundary and avoid too comfortability. Attached with ethics is a “No string attached policy” where private matters should never mix with occupation. Respect is a constant and confidentiality wherein “Whatever you hear, leave it here”.

Know you transitional phrases to responses in business setup at

3.4. Keep it short and simple. The best way to answer a question is by keeping it short and simple. And make sure that spontaneity envelops clear enunciation and good discretion of words.

The interview

1. As the rule of the thumb, always look at the eyes of the receiver. It always expresses sincerity and honesty. Avoid running your eyes around the area to extend interest to what the interviewer is saying.
2. Never interrupt when someone is still talking. Always wait for the speaker to end his thoughts before responding.
3. Know the right responses and fillers using transitional phrases and avoid “Um,Er,etc.” because it will make you sound uncertain.
4. Never argue but don’t always agree with the interviewer. Know the proper responses and expressions.
5. Take the interview seriously but not dramatically.
6. Always be yourself but not too overwhelmingly.
7. Seat up straight and keep your legs together to express formality and modesty. It is alright to sit with your legs cross but it is ideal to follow the standards.
8. Be friendly.
9. Show some gestures when speaking.
10. Never initiate a hand shake unless initiated only by the higher ups. In doing so, make sure to shake hands firmly but not too tightly.
11. Above it all, always thank the interviewer’s time. Remember that there are a multiple applicants eying for the job and it’s a step forward to be considered.

The interview is the one of the ways to get to know each other so learn from each other. Remember that it’s always good to ask questions. Greet upon entering and leaving.

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