Get Fit Using A Treadmill

For their chosen exercise, many people get fit using a treadmill rather than  walk, jog, or run to lose weight and get in shape.  However, if you live in inclement weather, going for a run outdoors may not be an option.  Also, if you’re sensitive about your weight, then you may be too embarrassed to put on that jogging suit and hit the pavement.  Whatever the reason, taking your running indoors with a treadmill (essentially a “mechanical sidewalk” that lets you run in one place) is the solution.

You can join a gym and use one of their many treadmills or you can buy your own treadmill for at-home training.  Whichever choice you choose, you will get the best results if you learn to use the treadmill to its fullest extent.  Use the controls to your advantage.  A good treadmill will allow you to adjust the speed as you use it.  A great treadmill will also allow you to change the incline while you’re using it.  This will give you both variety and a challenge to your workout.

Keep track of your workouts by using an exercise journal.  Simply write down the date and then add in how many miles you walked or ran and how long it took you to do them.  Do this every time you workout.  It will be a great motivator as you won’t want to look in your journal only to find that you missed seven out of your last ten planned workouts.  You can look back through your journal and see the progress you’ve made.

Incorporate a CD or mp3 player into your workout.  You can even watch television if you have one close by.  Both music and television will do wonders to engage your brain and make the time fly by.  Before you know it, you’ll have watched a television show or listened to a CD and the time will pass very quickly when working out.

When you use a treadmill, you should take care of your feet just as you would if you were running outside.  Use good shoes designed for walking or running.  They will minimize the jolt on your joints and keep your heels and arches protected as well.

While using a treadmill it is a great way to a trimmer waist, you can also firm up your arms by using one, two, or three-pound soft vinyl weights.  Hold one in each hand and pump your arms vigorously while you make your strides.

To get the most out of your workout, make treadmill training a part of your regular routine.  Strive to get in forty-five minutes a day, five times a week.  Continual effort in this area will get you in shape before you know it.  If  you want to charge up your treadmill routine, such as adding intervals or incorporating splits, it will increase your fitness level quickly. There are many ways to get fit using a treadmill workout and if you try them all, you’re sure to keep your routine fun and exciting.

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