Get applause Now by Darren Lacroix

When I was at college I remember a Speech 101 class was a requirement for my general education requirement. Looking back I really wish I had polished and practiced as much as possible on my public speaking. When you’re in the business world it is very important to be able to speak coherently and effectively execute the points that you want to make to whomever you are presenting to.

Looking for a way to improve upon my public speaking skills I did my research and found out about Darren Lacroix and his product “Get Applause Now”. At first I was skeptical to buy this product but I soon realized from a couple youtube videos that Darren really knows what he’s talking about and that he has legitimate credibility. (After all he is the 2001 world champion of public speaking!)

I am halfway through this product and I have already gotten a lot out of it. Below is a few things I learned from this awesome product:

Structuring a speech – Learning how to structure a speech is very important and Daren gives invaluable tips about opening a speech.

How to communicate for clearly – Darren suggest exercises and questions for you to think about to achieve more rapport with your audience.

Storytelling – Almost all of the best speeches in history are told in a story format. Darren teaches you how to be a charismatic storyteller.

Even though I have not finished this product I believe I really got my money’s worth already. At first some of the stuff he talks about seems like common sense but he lets you change your perspective of how to integrate this in a different context like public speaking.

If you’re interested in his product. Check it out : Get applause Now by Darren Lacroix

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