Get a Job Interview Using Your 30/60/90-Day Plan!

As a Sales Recruiter, I recommend to all my candidates that they create a 30-60-90-day sales plan to present to hiring managers or hiring teams during job interviews.  Simply put, a 30-60-90-day sales plan is a document that spells out how you will spend your time in the first 30 days, the first 60 days, and the first 90 days on your new job.  To do one correctly, you have to research the position and the company, and you have to analyze the job so that you can lay out the steps to success.  It takes some effort, but the results are almost always worth it in terms of great job offers.

In an ideal situation, you bring your 30-60-90-day plan to the interview and “wow” the hiring manager when you bring it out and present it during your conversation.  You ask the hiring manager for input during the interview, and in your follow-up thank you note, you should attach your sales plan with the changes that the hiring manager suggested. 

Less than ideal, but better than nothing:  you don’t get a chance to present your 30-60-90-day plan during the interview, but you realize that thank you notes can be second chances.  Either you attach your sales plan to your thank you note (which points out how the information you gained during the interview is included), or you put a shortened version of a 30-60-90-day plan in the body of the note if you think he might not open the attachment. 

What if you can’t even get the interview?

If you can’t even secure an interview, this might be a good time to e-mail your 30-60-90-day sales plan to the hiring manager with the subject heading of:

“This is how I can help your company”


“Here’s my plan for increasing your sales”

You get the drift…

This is an attention-grabber.  It’s a way to entice the hiring manager into meeting with you.  You’ve probably already sent your resume, which hasn’t helped, so it’s another opportunity for contact with out seeming annoying.  Showing what you can do for the manager and the company from the first few days of employment is powerful, and has a decent chance of securing a meeting. 

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