Get 6 Pack Abs Without Starving yourself and Doing 1000 Crunches: Popular Myths

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you are looking for an answer to your problem. You want to get strong and good looking abs, but you just can’t seem to get rid of that unwanted fat on your belly. No matter how hard you try, it sticks to you like a bubblegum stick under your shoe. As you browse through the web, you stumble across hundreds of miracle methods that tell you they know how to get you that Caramilk looking stomach in just a few days.

Now lets come back down to earth; unless you have great genetic predispositions, this is most likely not to happen! Getting strong and great looking abs takes motivation, dedication, hard work and… well time. I’ll be honest with you; I don’t have the secret to get 6 pack abs quickly and easily. In fact, I believe that no one does, except maybe illegal supplement dealers! Does who do are either lucky because they have good genes, a good training background or are just bullshitting you to get money (don’t even get me started on the Ab King Pro). Here are a few popular myths that you might come across about getting a 6 pack and why they will just keep you looking for results.

1. Always cut out those mean fats

One of the most popular myths is that to lose that ugly fat, you must drastically cut fat from your diet, which is very unhealthy (see why). This is explained by the simplistic and unscientific equation of eating less fat equals less fat on your body. Ladies and gentleman, I announce to you that the human body is the most complex machine to be on the face of the Earth. We are still light years away from understanding exactly how the body functions. But one thing is certain; it is not that simple to lose fat. You must follow a diet that respects your needed carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio. As much as we are all different on the outside, we all function differently on the inside. Getting your unique proper ”fuel” mixture will greatly help you reduce your fat and get 6 pack abs. Your unique fuel mixture is called your Metabolic Type.

2. Cut calories to lose fat

Again in domain of fat loss, starving is far from being a good idea, not to mention it is not pleasant at all. To keep things simple, when you go for a long period of time without eating, your body falls into ”defense mode” and starts to store anything that comes his way. This is because your body doesn’t know when its next meal will be, so it would rather store fat while it has food, than lack food and die. Also note that if you use store more energy, you use less, which mean you lower your metabolism. I suggest eating three main meals with two or three snacks, so that you can have smaller meals every 3 hours of the days. Eat more, lose more.

3. Do crunches and sit-ups to lose the fat on your belly

Please keep this in mind, as this is a HUGE misconception. When you train a certain part of your body, you won’t necessarily burn fat at that specific area. So crunches and sit-ups won’t necessarily burn the fat on your stomach. In fact it might be burning the fat behind your ear lobe, between your toes, under your armpit… you get the point. So doing 107 crunches won’t get you a 6 pack, unless you have no fat to begin with. Personally, I use crunches only with early beginners and I very rarely use sit-ups. There are far too many fun and effective exercises to get bored with crunches and sit-ups.

4. Leg raises are great exercises for lower abs

Although this is kind of true, I absolutely need to warn you that if you are not well prepared for these exercises, your lower abs will stay weak and you will significantly increase your risk of injury (back problems). You must make sure that your lower abs are properly functioning and that they are strong enough to sustain leg raise exercises.

These are just a few of the biggest myths about getting a 6 pack. For more FREE information or to see good abs exercises, visit The DeVyne Code

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