From College to Career – Things a Fresher Needs to Know About the Corporate World

Every year, lots of students graduate from colleges and enter the corporate world. This is a new phase of their life and is drastically different from their carefree college days. All freshers face the dilemma of crossing the Great Divide of college and the corporate world and take time to get used to the new role. But in today’s competitive environment, it is important to be on your toes all the time. One needs to adapt as quickly as possible and avoid anything that may portray him as an underperforming employee. Maintaining the code of conduct at workplace is as important as proving your mettle at work.

It is important to know the basics of the corporate conducting in order to fit into it efficiently. Although the workplace rules are different form one organization to the other, the core corporate values are more or less the same. Observance of these minute details can help a college fresher to achieve greater corporate success.

Business protocol

College freshers must keep in mind that business or corporate manners matters significantly. They must remember that it is vital to acknowledge everyone with respect. College freshers should take the work and break timings very seriously and avoid arriving late.

Dress the corporate way

It is time for college freshers to discard their old denims and casual t-shirts. How you dress reflects your personality and to some extent helps in being successful at work. If you want to be taken seriously, dress accordingly. Stick to the basic corporate dressing of trousers and full sleeved crisp shirts to make a positive impression. Follow the dress code of the organization.

Workplace conduct

Limit personal calls to zero during your first few weeks at work. Keep the ringer volume low, so that it is audible only to you. College freshers may find it difficult, but it is important to maintain a quiet profile in your initial days at work.

Sustain individual space

Freshers should learn to interact and network with their colleagues and people from other departments. However, refrain from giving out too much personal information and gossiping. Maintain the individual space and restrain your interaction to the corporate level.

Lunchtime Lessons

Lunchtime is the best time for a college fresher to interact and know other colleagues. Have lunch with everybody at the cafeteria or lunchroom so that you get a chance to know them. Avoid going out with your college friends for every meal and use this opportunity to build your corporate network.

Workplace resources and other working habits

College freshers should never exploit workplace assets, such as using office e-mail or surfing the internet for personal reasons. Avoid using the desk phone to make long personal calls. Freshers should be willing to take on extra work and show interest in helping other colleagues. Try and address the colleagues with their names (add Mr, Miss, Sir… according to the organization’s conduct) to add a warm touch. Keep these tips in mind and make your mark in the corporate world!

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