Free Weight Loss Tips For Women Only!

Here are some free weight loss tips for women. Although men can benefit from these tips, they’re specifically for women and their female fat zones that need tightening and toning.

Free Weight Loss Tips for Women

1. Eat a big breakfast NO MATTER WHAT

Why? Because research has proven over and over that eating a big breakfast that contains protein and following it up with small meals and snacks throughout the day is the best way to lose weight in the short term AND the long term.

Suggestion… some scrambled eggs with either a half can of black beans or 1 avocado. We have many more Weight Loss help Articles Now Available.

2. Eat 3 apples a day

You can do this as snacks or right before meals. I personally prefer to use them as snacks. If you use this 1 tip alone, YOU WILL LOSE 2-3 pounds in 1 month. So do it. It’s an easy 2-3 pounds to lose.

3. Spin

Huh you say? Spinning like kids strangely affects your hormones… in a good way. If you were to just spin around for 10 seconds every now and then through the day, you will tweak your hormones and gradually normalize and balance them so you can UNLEASH your full weight loss potential.

4. Walk on an incline

Walking… ho-hum! Walking on a 15 degree incline… on a hill or a treadmill, WOW! What a difference a small change makes. If you were to walk on an incline like this for 20 minutes a day, 5 days or more a week, you will lose weight.

Try out these free weight loss tips for women and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised in 10-14 days when you see that you weigh less and your clothes feel loose. We have many more Weight Loss help Articles Now Available.