Free Tips on How to Remove a Mole from Your Home

Ground flaxseed added with the flaxseed oil with a smear of honey from natural sources will do the trick of getting rid of the mole. Pure honey once applied consistently, once every single morning of about two weeks will also get rid of the often stubborn mole.

The other home mole removal tip would be to smear freshly crushed natural garlic on the mole, and then covering the garlic smeared mole with a bandage. Fresh fig applied daily on the mole will also do away with the mole menace. Moreover, you can put grapefruit drops on a cotton ball and bandage sealing the mole with the drip will soon get rid of the mole. The bandage should, it should be noted, be changed following the elapse of 5 hours to get the desired effect.

The moles that with their smell really irks the nostrils can also be gotten rid of by making a paste, by use of both honey and oil, out of flaxseed powder. Garlic coupled with onions with their medicinal ability can very speedily get the moles to disappear.

Still, some prefer the mole removal to be done surgically; this is both painful and costly. In fact, following the mole removal a scar will remain as evidence of surgical removal and this may not be so welcoming. Cauterization is a dermatologist means to get rid of the moles by burning the moles off. This means is currently the most common although it is also costly as opposed to the herbal remedies and other home mole removal means now used.

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