Free Fitness Exercise Programs

Everybody loves to stay fit. A sexy body with perfect body measurement for women is easy to maintain and is manageable when it comes to flaunting the self with various stylistic wardrobes. When one is fat, there will be difficulty in choosing the right colors as well as chic styles that would hide that excess baggage away. Unusual bulges will always be distracting to the eyes.

In order to save extra bucks and constantly maintain those voluptuous curves in the body, free fitness exercise programs must be performed at home. If you are naturally lean or have a normal body weight, it is good to keep that figure. Some ways involved in staying fit include habitual practice of eating the healthy diet and discipline in regularly following basic body exercises without the need of any equipment. These habits include acquiring enough sleep within the 7-9 hours of sleep a day. However, it should not also exceed the prescribed hours as too much sleep can also give headaches and irritability.

As part of daily workouts, fitness guru has suggested a wake-up workout. This is done in the morning upon rising up by sitting up slowly without using the hands, spreading the legs straight, bending the stomach forward and then forward. This will give a good stretch at the back. Repeat this exercise program to stand up, sit down or even hop around to have at least a variation of activity. In the office, just sitting down for at most eight hours while facing the computer the entire day will irritate the eye which is bad enough for your health.

When invited to dine out in a restaurant, consume the soup at first because this will give you a stomach full, so that you will want less. If not, plan to drink at least 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before eating a hearty meal. Studies reveal that drinking water before eating will lessen your food intake which will slow down one’s appetite. However, the situation may vary depending on the person’s total intake of water. In addition, studies of United States and Brazil also revealed that eating an apple or pears is an effective remedy in weight loss as these fruits are rich in fiber and water.

Furthermore, in performing free fitness exercise programs at home, a person must be adept with the new fitness tools that will help determine the workout needs. These fitness tools include exercise workout sheets, heart rate calculator monitor, waist to hip ratio calculator and a basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculator. The latter is very important as it measures up a person’s metabolism which is the energy conserved in calories eliminated by the body at rest. In calculating a person’s BMR, there is a need to consider a person’s age, weight and height.

Accordingly, every activity that we perform from sitting to reading to walking and practically, every move we make help us burn calories and lose weight. It is classified according to how heavy, moderate and light the activities are. Very light activities include driving and eating while mountain climbing, rowing and boxing are considered very heavy activities.

Indeed, keeping fit even at home is highly attainable; what a person needs is to select which type of fitness activity plans best suit him.