Four Make-up Tips for Bride

In my opinion, appearance of the bride will depend on how the make-up is to a great extent. You see, bride symbolizes purity?elegance, nobleness and any other clear words you could use to describe her. As one of the important day in the life, featuring beautiful while decorous should be concerned by all brides. Though you have to appear not too strange comparing other ones, you still can make yourselves distinctively eye-catching. Here I will present four tips to promote your make-up. Utterly the magic key to bride-to-be. false Eyelashes In fact, as the most vivid part of your face, eyelashes are greatly good at catching others’ attention. How common eyelashes can achieve it? Well, what you need to do is just take advantage of exaggerated style to highlight your eyesight. You might select as well. False eyelashes with rhinestone detail. You” find it’s easy to make yourselves uniquely. White Eyes Shadow On the wedding day, all things always have relation with white color including the eyes shadow. White eyes shadow can perfectly fit the romantic air, even add much more dignity to your white dress. For Asian brides, remember that you’d better prevent from spreading in a large area. Just simply outline your eyes with eyeliner pens and especially highlight the canthus. Nail Polish I think that would be better if you choose white nail polish to fit your white wedding dress. Especially for those who are addicts of simple style. If you consider that you go through the motions with simple style, you are totally wrong. In fact, the fussy nail would steal spotlight of the ring which is the leading actor on that day. See the model in Chanel fashion show. She looks wonderful with chic nail, isn’t it? While if you are a chinese bride, I’m afraid that the white nail polish couldn’t meet your needs. Since I deeply know that almost all Chinese people are addicts of red color, I suggest the red nail polish to you. White Hair Ornament Your hairstyle is really one important detail what should not be neglected. What we can do to make it special while gorgeous? Of course, it shouldn’t be pursuing height and complexity of it. See the picture where I collected from Karl Lagerfeld Show. Simple hairstyle with delicate white hair ornament, making the whole style vividly at once. Providing you wear mantilla, that would features gleaming. Also you could select arm ornament which is of the same style just like the hair one.

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