Flight Attendant Career Tips – How to Become a Flight Attendant Over 50

I bet you are reading this article because since you were a little girl or boy you’ve always wanted to be a Flight Attendant but life got in the way and you just didn’t ever fulfill your dream, right?

Well, now you can if you really want to!

The good news is nowadays airlines are welcoming more mature candidates than ever before, which is fantastic. I’ve been lucky enough to fly for two of the world’s most famous and prestigious airlines both in the UK and the US and believe me, I was no spring chicken when they offered me both the positions as a Flight Attendant.

You probably have a great deal of the skills and experience needed to get through the online application process and the airline interview stage as bringing up a family can sharpen your communication skills, your time-management skills and your negotiation skills!

Plus the fact that you have a wealth of experience in your past employment that you can use as examples when they ask those challenging questions during the interview or Flight Attendant Assessment Day.

So let’s look at some pros and cons of joining an airline as a mature candidate.

The pros

– after taking care of a family or older parents you can finally feel fulfilled and do what you love to do every day — and get paid for it

– you don’t need a college degree or diploma

– you probably already have the skills and experience airlines look for

– you get free or discounted travel for you and your family

– mature employees can bring a sense of calm and professionalism

– you get to meet people who are just like you, independent and free-spirits

– you meet new people every day and leave behind the boring 9-5 routine that just doesn’t suit your outgoing personality

The cons

– you have to be physically fit to get through the tough training school, jumping down aircraft slides, fire-fighting drills in smoke-filled mock-up cabins

– lots of information to remember (I did 6-weeks flight training in Chicago for United several years ago and had to concentrate a lot!)

– the effects of flying is tiring on the body, especially if you’re an international long-haul FA which I was for both airlines – lack of sleep and fatigue can really affect your quality of life if you don’t pace yourself

– pushing trolleys and serving food and drink all day long is tiring, so get plenty of rest when you can

There really isn’t another job like being a Flight Attendant, it is a special world and hard to explain to people who have never experienced it – but I want you to feel confident that you can finally fulfill your dreams and join the thousands of other people all over the world who have found their passion for travel, excitement and meeting new people every day!

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