Flex Belt: Ab Machine Specifically Designed to Work Out the Abs

Review Summary

The Flex Belt is the only FDA approved belt system that has been shown to flatten and firm the midsection. This belt is advantageous to consumers because it requires little work yet can still produce results. It was designed to be worn under clothes, so people are capable of using this product while they perform other tasks, such as driving, getting ready for work or watching television.  This product and its purported ab workout benefits are quite intriguing, which is why we are going to take a closer look at this belt system below.

System at a Glance

There are thousands of ab machines now on the market. Some claim to maximize the effectiveness of each sit up, while others are designed to provide support to the neck and shoulders as people do crunches. The Flex Belt takes a different approach and uses EMS technology to provide the stomach muscles with an intense workout for the abs.

System in Focus

The EMS muscle stimulation technology used in this belt system is medical grade and has been patented for quality assurance. This machine for abs has also been shown to work in clinical trials.  For example, in one study done with this product, 100 percent of participants felt that their abs were flatter and firmer after using this product for a continuous 6 weeks.

EMS seems to be a unique way to approach an ab workout, but it can cause the muscles to repeatedly contract and relax, which is the physical action that leads to flatter abs. Also, as mentioned above, this belt can be worn while people go about their daily business. This shows that the EMS technology is gentle and the Flex Belt is comfortable to wear.


People who are interested in this ab machine may find it useful to visit the official product website. This website displays informative descriptions of this product and even posts videos and diagrams to show people how this belt can produce the advertised results through its unique design, which is said to provide an incredible ab workout for anyone. Currently, interested consumers can purchase this product straight from this site. A single belt system costs $199, but there are discounts provided when multiple systems are ordered at once.

Final Thoughts

The midsection is notoriously hard to tone and flatten. Many people complain that even after working out regularly and following a healthy diet they still do not see the results they want. The Flex Belt has been clinically proven to assist people when it comes to firming and strengthening the abs. This ab machine may be a good addition to a weight loss program, so those people who are interested in learning more about this ab workout system should click on the links above.

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