Fix Credit History – Legal vs. Illegal Credit Repair

By what I can tell, in the year an a half I’ve been reading and learning about credit, there are legal steps you can take to fix credit history.  That being said there is also one option I’ve read about that sounds good but might be more risk than a solution.

Legally, you can dispute credit issues, for many reasons and in different angles.  The more specific you are with your dispute letter the better if performs.  To fix credit history in this manner, you’ll have to learn a bit about credit and credit laws.  Laws that are in place to protect the consumer.  For example, when dealing with a collection company, you can take several different route’s to derail their attempts and have them remove what ever negative  information they’ve placed on your credit report.

One example of this is to request from the collection company proof that they can collect from you.   This technique takes the usual dispute letter much further.  Fixing your credit history becomes easier when you understand the laws.  It does make sense to ask this question.  Many times we assume, the collector on the phone has the authorization to collect from us.  An internal record is not proof.  They must possess an actual contract from the original creditor.  If they don’t they have to halt all collection efforts.  There’s also re-aging violations and other good legal tactics you can use to have them remove any derogatory information they’ve placed on the credit report.

The option that seems to be a little on the gray side for me is the option to use an EIN number to not fix credit history but create a new identity.  I know they advertise it’s legal but if you look into the correct use of an EIN number it can be a gray area.  EIN numbers are usually for entities.  How that applies to an individual I don’t exactly understand.  I’ll stick to the safer option above.

There are many other tactics used to fix credit history.  In my opinion, something like creating a new identity with a tax id number would be the last option.  If it carries the risk of landing me in jail or having the burden of defending myself of legal problems, I’m probably going to stir clear of it.

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