Five Prescription Medications That Work Well in the Treatment Warts

Warts can be scary, especially when one notices them on their skin for the first time. Some types of warts can also be awkward, an instance of these being genital warts – that grow in the most embarrassing of locations. There are warts that can interfere with a person’s looks, an instance of these being the finger-like filiform warts that have a tendency to grow on the eyelids and on the lips: just where they are most conspicuous. Then there are warts that cause actual pain; instances of these being the plantar warts that grow on the foot soles, right on the pressure points!

The warts themselves are caused by viral infections. The specific virus that causes them is the human pappiloma virus; which is culpable for worse things in its other forms. Sometimes, the warts just disappear on their own as the body’s natural immunity system – if it is strong enough – tackles the virus causing the warts. Sometimes it becomes necessary to seek treatment for the warts.

Treatment Options for the Warts

Treatment for the warts takes two forms. One is that of procedures that aim to get rid of the wart, more or less mechanically. Here we are looking at things like laser treatment, direct curettage of the wart (in the hope that it won’t re-grow), cryosurgery and use of infra-red coagulation. The second form is that of medications, most of which are prescription medications.

1) One of the prescription medications used in the treatment of warts is Imiquimod. This is normally presented as a cream, which one is supposed to apply directly on the part of the body with the warts. The exact mechanism through which Imiquimod works is by strengthening the body’s immunity, to combat the virus causing the warts. It is quite an effective medication – the only drawback on it being the fact that it is rather costly.

2) The second commonly used prescription medication in the treatment of warts is bleomycin. Unlike imiquimod, bleomycin is usually presented in the form of injections. Although quite effective, bleomycin’s major drawbacks include its considerable cost, and some quite scary side effects it comes with.

3) Then there is salicyclic acid, the skin specialist’s Swiss knife (that is, a very highly versatile medication). It works quite well in the treatment of warts, but for this purpose, a considerably strong concentration of it has to be used.

4) Another prescription medication used in the treatment of warts is podophyllum paint. This is in fact a cocktail of a number of medications; for in its making, a bit of podophyllum resin, isopropyl alcohol and a bit of ‘aloes’ is used. This is quite a highly regarded treatment for warts. And contrary to what may be inferred from the list of ingredients that go into its making, this is in fact one of the most cost effective prescription medications available for combating warts.

5) Finally, we have cantharidin, which is harvested from beetles. It can work well on its own, in the treatment of warts, and better still in combination with a substance like podophyllum.

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