Five Basic Exercise Ball Routines

Exercise balls are excellent home exercise equipment to have.  They are great alternatives to huge exercise machines that occupy so much space and are inconvenient.

Fitness programs involving exercise balls may not be as hard-pounding as working out with heavy gym equipment.  However, exercise balls are more versatile and mobile.  Exercise balls are as effective as any other exercise machine.  Here are five basic exercise ball routines:

1.  Incline dumbbell chest press.  Rest you upper back on the ball in a reclined position.  Feet flat on the floor.  Keep your knees bent so that your hips drop to the floor.  Hold dumbbells so that they are aligned to your shoulders.  Lift the dumbbells toward the ceiling.  Always keep your lower arms perpendicular to the floor when lifting the dumbbells.

2.  Squat and press with exercise ball.  Stand upright.  Bend your knees slightly.  Position your feet shoulder-width apart.  Hold the ball in front of your face.  Bend your needs to the side and then lower the ball to the floor.  It’s like performing a squat.  Raise the ball and then fully extend the legs and arms, pushing the ball towards the ceiling and over the head.  Again hold the ball in front of your face and repeat.

3.  Exercise ball crunch.  Lie down on the ball in a supine position.  Begin with body draped over the ball, arms extended behind you.  Put your hands over and across you chest.  Slowly raise your head, shoulders, neck, chest, and the rest of your spine using your abdominal muscles.  Next, gradually lower your upper body.  Repeat as desired.

4.  Shoulder press.  Sit upright on the ball.  Bend your knees.  Keep your feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart.  Hold dumbbells at your ear level.  Make sure that your palms are facing forward.  Lift dumbbells with your hands up towards the ceiling while fully extending your harms above your head.  Keep the movement of both arms parallel.  Repeat as desired.

5.  Low Back Extension.  Lie down on the exercise ball with your face down.  Bend your knees and feet on floor.  Place the exercise ball on the area of your stomach and lower part of your chest.  Place your hands across your chest.  Raise your upper body and then lower it.  Repeat as often as desired.

The exercise ball routines promote core stability.  Core stability refers to the strength of the muscles surrounding the spine and abdominal area to provide support and stability for the spine.  These exercises will help you prevent injury, assist rehabilitation, and enhance physical performance.  However, these exercises are not necessarily superior to conventional strength, straining when it comes to improving core stability.

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