Fitness Myths and Facts-2nd Part

Myth no 7

When we aim at fat loss, aerobic exercise is the king!


Aerobic exercise is a proven fat burner. On the other side extended aerobic exercise will lead also to muscle loss.

For optimum results you can combine aerobic activities with anaerobic ones such as:

1) Resistance training and mainly weight lifting.

Resistance training adds muscle mass, which is beneficial for your basal metabolic rate since muscles are more efficient energy metabolizers than body fat.

There is, I think, some exaggeration pertaining to muscle contribution in fat burning. However, in any case resistance training will help to maintain muscle mass and besides will:

– increase strength

– improve body functionality, balance and posture

– increase bone density

– induce aesthetical enchancement.

Try to locate the weight that will permit 8-10 repetitions with an impeccable style.

Don’t buy into the myth of many repetitions for a high definition.

Definition has to do only with body fat percentage and surely many repetitions with lighter weights won’t represent the best investment of your time.

For max fat loss, after you finish your weight training session – and with depleted your glycogen stores – you can get into a moderate intensity aerobic activity for 20-30 min.

2) High Intensity Interval Training and preferably sprinting.

Combine HIIT with resistance training or total body workouts.

3) Cyclical training with multifunctional total body involving exercises.

Try to include:

– exercises for the upper body: e.g. various types of push ups (including explosive or plyo push ups).

– exercises for the lower body: e.g. squats, lunges etc.

– exercises for core training.

You can compile a set with 6 basic exercises.

Perform them with no intervals and after a minimal interval at the end of the set – just to catch your breath – repeat them for 2-4 times.

– If you have limited time because of your multiple obligations.

– If for various reasons you dislike gyms.

– and if you cannot exercise outdoors…

…total body workouts are ideal for you because they combine:

– aerobic and anaerobic training

– quick fat loss without loss of muscle – tissue and actually with some muscle gain.

(Yes! Under circumstances you can attain these conflicting objectives simultaneously!)

– excellent investment for your valuable time

– variety to fight possible boredom

– possibility to use your own home as a gym

– profit in terms of money and/or time.

Cyclical training with body workouts can give you – always in combination with a discliplined nutrition) – a body envied by the most of the gym frequenters.


…you need commitment, consistency, self motivation and self discipline, virtues owned by only a small minority.

To close the subject:

Fat loss and body composition improvement is a marathon and not a sprint race.

Take care: Excessive zeal can lead to serious training injuries and a recoil on your progression.

Consistency is the most critical parameter.

Select routines according to your fitness level and your spare time and try to acquire a minimal theoretical background on the subject. This will permit you to know what exactly you are doing.

MYTH no 8

You will lose 10 kilos in one month…

You will lose 8cm from your waist in 20 days…


When common sense dictates that promises and allegations as the above are groundless, impracticable and unrealistic, do follow it!

Sometimes I wonder if common sense really exists. How is it possible for various charlatans to deceive so many smart – in other respects – people??

Is it despair?

Is it the lure, the enticement of easy, no-sweat solutions?

Don’t fall easy prey to unrealistic, deceitful promises! You cannot get fit by passively exercising for few minutes per week. It’s against human physiology and it’s against logic.

To achieve discernible and tangible results in fitness domain, you have to perspire a lot. This is the only way! No short cuts!

MYTH no 9

The ideal workout is one with x frequency, y duration, z intensity etc.


There isn’t such thing as an ideal workout! A workout is adjusted according to:

– your fitness level

– your current form

– your fitness cycle phase

– your specific objectives: mass building, fat loss, max strength or endurance etc.

You have to adjust these three conflicting parameters to your reality.

Every workout, depending on the person and prevalent conditions may be effective and even commendable.

What really counts is focusing and dedication to certain fundamental, abiding, non negotiable principles and not agonizing over minutiae and exotic details!!

Fundamental principles I have in mind:



exit from the comfort zone which means sweat, exertion, adversity, hardship and finally transcendence

a balanced programme with aerobic activities, strength training and static stretching.

– keeping a careful watch over the caloric value of your food

– sound, supportive nutrition.

Adjust intensity, frequency and duration to your demands.

Remember: If you perspire more, you have better odds! That simple!

If you have hamster genes and can torture yourself for 60′ over a treadmill just to burn 300 calories, that’s OK!

Then again, if you are the awesome lone wolf of the outdoor H.I.I.T., that’s OK too!

The message is that both lone wolves and hamsters have progress margins in proportion – of course – to their temperament and capabilities.

It’s on you to decide on which side you want to belong!

Chris Strogilis

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