Fish Oil For Dogs Can Ease Painful Arthritis

If you’re wondering if fish oil is right for your dog you’re onto something. Omega 3 fish oil can help with your pet’s arthritis pain and allergies.

A 2008 Baylor University and Harvard Medical School study showed Omega 3 fish oil capsules reduces body inflammation inside and out. This makes your dog healthier because less inflammation means a stronger immune system. We have many more Pets Care Articles Now Available.

My American Eskimo dog, Baggins, took fish oil for the last years of his life to help with joint support and his overall immunity. It’s good for so many things; cardiovascular system, skin and coat, eyesight, arthritis and brain function. It’s the Omega 3 essential nutrients in the oil that are so necessary to your pet’s health.

Let’s look at arthritis.

Arthritis affects thousands of dogs and the painful, swollen joints can make it hard to run like they once did or even walk without pain. You might have seen your dog seem stiff after getting up from a nap or have trouble going up and down stairs. These can be signs of painful arthritis.

Since fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can relieve the those stiff joints without the harsh side effects of NSAIDS.

NSAIDS are the typical anti inflammatory drugs given to pets with arthritis. One popular prescription drug is Rimadyl. This drug was originally created for people but the side effects of chronic diarrhea and vomiting made them take it off the market. A few months later it showed up at the veterinarian’s office!

I learned of the awful side effects of Rimadyl first hand when I gave it to my dog for a few days to help relieve his arthritis. It made him so sick I took him off of it after just a couple of days. I was worried he’d be dehydrated and have worse problems than arthritis.

That’s when I discovered the benefits of fish oil for dogs. This Omega 3 oil is effective at reducing that chronic inflammation associated with arthritis.

This oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. If you primarily feed your dog kibble, he most likely isn’t getting these essential nutrients in his diet. You can supplement with canned salmon, tuna and other fatty fish but you’ll need to be careful of toxins like mercury or lead.

You can feed the same fish oil supplement you take. Some vets recommend 1000 mg per day for your dog.

Fish oil for dogs is one of the best things you can give them. It reduces inflamed joints from arthritis and heals itchy skin too. And it’s cost effective and easy! Most dogs eat the pills as if they’re treats. Visit my website to learn more about the benefits of Omega 3 fish oil supplements. We have many more Pets Care Articles Now Available.