Finding the right cardiologist in Gurgaon

There is a popular saying that a healthy heart means a healthy body. And there is no doubt in that. When it comes to maintain a healthy heart, the first thing people do is that they keep a check on what they eat particularly edible oil. The oil should be fat free. Another important step to keep heart diseases away is to maintain a daily exercise routine. However, still some people face heart problems and India is one of the top most countries where heart diseases are on the rise.

If you doubt that you’re experiencing any heart disease symptoms such as alleviated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure cardiomyopathy, heart disease or a stroke or any other, you should not make any delay in approaching to a heart specialist. Such specialist is also known as cardiologist and it refers to a professional who looks after the heart and its related problems in people. He or she is most apt person who should be contacted at first for detailed check-up and further investigation. But the decision to contact a particular heart specialist shouldn’t be taken in hurry; instead, there should be proper understanding.

Sometimes heart diseases come without any warning and this is the time when people rush to the emergency department of hospitals. But if you notice any early sign of the heart disease, you should never ignore it and consult a renowned cardiologist. Let’s see how to can find the most trustworthy cardiologist in Gurgaon.

1Start with your primary health care’s suggestion – Though there are hundreds of cardiologists to choose from, it is always a good idea to consult with your family doctor first or the person who find comfortable to discuss with. Your doctor might have interacted with several heart specialists and provide you with the right advice in this regard. Another benefit with this option is that you can rest assured about getting the best possible treatment and suggestion related to the underlying heart problem.

2Double check the cardiologist’s credentials – Always look for a cardiologist who is well-qualified and approved by a renowned healthcare body. Being certified in cardiovascular disease simply refers that the doctor has not only premeditated this specialty, but has also cleared severe testing. Check the medical education of the cardiologist you’re planning to consult with.And the best way to check for this information is to browse internet. Today most of the cardiologists have well-updated profile on internet that can be referred to for obtaining detailed information about them. Heart diseases are generally complex and therefore, there is point in taking chance on this part.

3Stay local when choosing a heart specialist, if it is possible – According to specialist, it is not always good to travel to a distant location to get the requirement treatment. Sometimes, local cardiologists do a wonderful job by providing right advice on treatment of general heart problems such as coronary artery disease. It case of a problem that requires a specialist, your local cardiologist will determine that and recommend you visit a distant heart center if necessary.

4Communication is the key to best treatment – If you’re visiting the cardiologist in Gurgaon for the first time, make sure you convey to the person that you’ll need more time to discuss with the doctor. Always ask who shelters for him or her in the absence of the doctor, the busy schedule of the doctor, and any other issues that worries you.Your heart treatment can continue for longer periods of time, therefore, you should feel comfortable talking to your cardiologist and clearly conveying your concerns is utmost necessary. This is because many times patients don’t clearly express their concerns which not only degrades the level of treatment but also results in time and money wastage.

5Refer to online reviews of cardiologists – This is indeed a wisdom choice as this is certainly the most feasible and effective way to check whether the doctor you’re approaching to is really worthy or not. You don’t need to go anywhere as you can do all the stuff right sitting in the comfort of your home or office. Visit healthcare forums where patients give genuine reviews about the leading cardiologists in the region.

Always remember that many times your approach towards treatment play a major role in ensuring successful treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to pay heed to the above mentioned pointers before consulting a heart specialist in your region.

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