Finding Catalogues with No Credit Check

It’s hard to shop if you have your hands tied at home or if you don’t have a car to take you where you want to go -especially if the new furniture you have been waiting for or that new piece of technological hardware just came out. In this situation, people choose to shop through catalogues and sometimes opt to pay weekly instead. It looks easy, but let’s say that your credit score is far from stellar and you want to apply for their catalogue credit cards. Would you still want to buy the things that you want? If so, what would you do then?

In this case, those with a bad credit history would find applying for this kind of loan difficult. Luckily, there are loans that skip credit checks altogether, but these have higher interest rates than most. Additionally, those that go for catalogue credit cards would find their purchases limited to that vendor only. However, the process is easy this way, not to mention quicker. Mostly, companies would only ask for identification and an address, and correspondence usually takes less than 24 hours.

Short-term loans like these, as mentioned previously, high interest rates, and a missed payment can definitely mess up your credit score. It’s not surprising to see an interest rate of over 20 per cent in your loan, but long-time catalogue shoppers don’t mind much. Think of it as the price paid for both convenience and delivery. Thus the phenomenon that is online shopping starts to make sense –those two factors are the main characteristics that draw customers in, and it’s hard to break this cycle despite the awareness of the high interest rates.

Will catalogue shopping drive you deeper into debt and ruin your financial status altogether? Not necessarily. It is useful and convenient, but you have to be responsible over the things you want to spend your money on. Do you really want to buy a vase online when you can find the exact same design on a vase displayed at a garage sale next door? Probably not, so smart shopping is a must here. But if you are in a substantial amount of debt and really need to buy that brand new couch for your living room, it’s pretty easy to find catalogues with no credit checks online. No employment verification is needed, and it’s not all that hard to garner approval from these sites.

So if you’re quite the home buddy or if you’re a full-time mother babysitting three children, it would not hurt to try catalogue shopping, and this is possible even with a bad credit score. It saves a lot of time, and it is very convenient for those who want their stuff delivered right to their doorstep. The only feasible disadvantages of catalogue shopping is that they can have sky-high interest rates, and some of the catalogue credit cards are only usable with one company. Still, if it appeals to you, it provides you with an interesting and an overall time-saving and hassle-free way to shop.

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