Find the Perfect Abdominal Workout Tricks For That Flat Tummy

The most effective abdominal workout has been outlined here based on the studies of the findings of American Council of Exercises. Though Abs exercises reduce belly fat, the results are not visible immediately. Strong Abs is important for maintaining the body in a healthy condition and help in the daily functionality as well as deal with chronic back pain. They also improve posture and balance.

It is opined that bicycle exercise as an abdominal workout is the most effective means of obtaining the perfect Abs. It also helps in developing the six packs – a feat much desired by health freaks. To perform this exercise, the person needs to lie on the floor with the head resting on laced fingers. The knees should be slowly raised towards the chest and shoulder blades off the ground without straining the neck.

Straightening the left leg along with tilting the upper body to the right and maintaining a slight push of the left elbow towards the right knee is suggested. This is followed by switching sides and bringing the right elbow towards the left knee. This procedure should be continuously done in a `peddling` motion.

Working Abs while doing abdominal workout in a dynamic way indicates getting away from the traditional crunches and focusing on building core strength. Core training strengthens muscles that stabilize the body. It helps to keep the torso in place while strengthening and firming abdominal muscles. To obtain fabulous Abs other than through abdominal workout, one also needs proper nutrition and a balanced exercise routine. Toned Abs could be developed by performing three to five abdominal exercises three to five times a week.

Initially a person should start with exercises and repeat them as long as they are comfortable performing it. With the increase in the fitness level the number of exercises can be increased along with the repetitions. The bicycle crunch exercise tops the list as the best Abs exercise. This conclusion was arrived after a study propounded by the San Diego State University

Another abdominal workout, the Captain`s Chair exercise is one of the few Abs exercises that are believed to be highly effective. In this exercise, the legs dangle initially and the knees are slowly lifted towards the chest. The motion should be controlled and deliberate as the knees are brought up and returned back to the starting position.

Similarly, the abdominal crunch on an exercise ball is another effective exercise for the Abs muscles. In this type of workout, the person sits on the exercise ball with the feet flat on the floor. The ball is allowed to roll slowly and the person lies back until the thigh and torso are parallel with the floor. It is followed by contracting the abdominal muscles and raising the torso to 450.

The vertical leg crunch is also effective for toning abdominal muscles. The person lies on the floor on his / her back with legs pointing upwards and knees slightly bent. The Abs muscles are slowly contracted while the shoulder blades are lifted gradually. The chin and neck muscles should not be stressed while the legs are supposed to remain in a fixed position. The torso is slowly lifted towards the knee and is followed by the body being gradually lowered. Another effective exercise is the long arm crunch. This is similar to the basic crunches.

Though it may appear simple, many people are unable to perform the abdominal workout crunches properly. Doing it correctly is a sure way of making it very effective. During the Abs crunches the person should breathe gently and evenly. Some workouts incorporate exercise and medicine while others imbibe a fusion of movements from Pilates and Yoga.

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