Find Affordable Orbitotomy Surgery in India

Orbitotomy surgery is a procedure in which an incision is made in the orbit of the eye. One of the most common reasons why people in India seek out orbitotomy surgery is due to tumors in the orbit. With orbitotomy, the eye, as well as the vision of the patient, can be preserved. It can stop tumors from spreading to other body parts and also relieve patients of eye cancer symptoms and restore their health.


Orbitotomy is a very complex procedure and should only be done by an oculoplastic surgeon. This type of doctor is also an ophthalmologist and is allowed to perform reconstructive and cosmetic procedures on patients’ orbits, eyelids, and even tear drain system.


If you are experiencing symptoms such as blurry or double vision, continuous tearing, tired eyes, or bulging eyes, it’s best to see an ophthalmologist to see if orbitotomy surgery is for you. Most ophthalmologists in India may opt for one of the four types of orbitotomy surgery: lateral, anterior, medial, and complex.


Lateral orbitotomy creates a lateral incision on the orbit and the bones may be rewired or removed. Anterior orbitotomy approach does not require ophthalmologists to remove any bones in the orbit. When a sinus procedure is involved, medial orbitotomy may be the best approach. Depending on your situation, a combination of two or more orbitotomy approaches may be used, this is called complex orbitotomy.


It’s no secret that any type of surgery can be expensive, but don’t worry, as qualified ophthalmologists in India offer affordable orbitotomy surgery.  Make sure that the ophthalmologist you go to is qualified and also experienced. You should also inquire about the clinic or surgery space you will have your orbitotomy surgery. The best ophthalmologists only perform orbitotomy surgery using modern and hygienic equipment and with a competent staff.


Remember that orbitotomy is a serious surgery procedure and must not be taken lightly. One wrong move from an unqualified or inexperienced doctor and you may lose your vision completely and permanently.


If you set an orbitotomy surgery, make sure to take some time off from work. After the procedure, orbitotomy surgery patients are usually required to stay in the hospital for about a week or two, depending on the approach used and the gravity of the condition. It’s normal for bruising and swelling to occur. Minimal scarring may also appear, but these may fade in a span of six months to a year.

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