Fiji – A second home destination for the affluent or paradise for investors?

In the present scenario, Fiji is popular both as a favourite destination for second home seekers and as a luring destination for property investors from around the world. And there are valid reasons for it.

Fiji is known for its tropical climate, some of the world’s best surfing options and a number of wide-stretched beaches. Do you know that Google’s co-founder Sergey Bin owns a superyacht called Dragon Fly here? Film star Mel Gibson has island here that is not very far? These are two only some of the examples of how the affluent from around the word has loved Fiji.

Given the political stability in Fiji in last year, this country is becoming far more popular. As the people from China, USA, UK and several other countries and consistently lured by the beauty of this lovely country.

It all has made Fiji real estate the cynosure. According to a local real estate agency, Fiji property sales are growing like never before. The prices have almost double in merely last two years. It signals the kind of popularity Fiji is gaining.

It was not the case before, Fiji was known for its military coups and political turmoil. But ever since the democracy has been restored in the country, buyers from around the world are buying land across around 300 islands in Fiji. Hence, you are eying buy from the property for sales in Fiji, it may be high time for you.

According to Financial Times and Investment Fiji, $462m of money is already in use for resort development in the country. The company like JW Marriott and Intercontinental are also engaged in developing resorts in several islands in the country. Other than these big established names taking interest in Fijian real estate and tourism, the investors from China is seems to be aggressively buying freehold land in the country.

How about the individuals? Are there any option or it all is confined to big guns only? Well, there are options for investments for individuals as well. People who are willing to buy a second home or simply a villa or home to rent out and earn are also taking much interests in Fiji. The reason is obviously the high returns which is seems quite possible.

However, there are a few important things to consider before getting to buy your second home there. The political disturbances seem to be very common in the country. However, things are fine for now, but the possibilities cannot be denied. Next, there are several areas which may be deemed in danger because of rising sea levels.

Hence, you as an investor or an individual looking for a holiday home must consider all the aspects before getting to properties in the country. 

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