Ferry to KohLipe From Langkawi Online

Koh Lipe offers amazing beach holiday adventure for any traveler who ventures here. The island boasts of three beautiful white sandy beaches that are ideal for a tropical holiday. Your long holiday in the Andaman Sea region will be incomplete if you don’t visit any of these three beaches- the Hat Chao Lay (Sunrise Beach), the Hat Pramong ( Sunset Beach) and the Pattaya Beach. There are a lot of other activities that you can do in Koh Lipe to make your stay not only interesting but worth every coin that you spend.

If you are in Langkawi then the easiest way to get to the Koh Lipe Island is by use of a ferry. Although these two islands are located in two different countries, a ferry to KohLipe from Langkawi takes just 90 minutes to reach your destination. Known for its great seafood you can spend your day in Langkawi and take an evening ferry to Koh Lipe where you will have a great dinner comprising of grilled marinated fish and other sea foods and then enjoy your late evening on the beach with a beer.

The Ferry services to Koh Lipe are quite budget friendly and this makes it a perfect holiday destination for anyone traveling on a budget. Just find a cheap flight to the Langkawi International airport then take a taxi to the Pier where you will board your ferry to the Koh Lipe. This trip to Koh Lipe gives you a lot of relaxation in a fresh air environment with least pollution. You also get a great chance to enjoy the tropical sun and the beautiful sceneries especially the evening sunset on the beaches. With great accommodation for all kinds of travelers, you can easily find a facility that best suits your needs. If you have some cash to spend then you have a choice of luxurious resorts, comfy villas, and five-star hotels. For those traveling on a budget look out for affordable inns, bed and breakfast hotels and a number of several other pocket-friendly accommodations.

Traveling to Koh Lipe via Langkawi is also great for anyone who wants to avoid the hustle of having to make all arrangements once you land. You can book everything online. As you plan your travel make sure that you book your ferry online. You can also make taxi travel and accommodation bookings online. Booking your ferry online will help spare some time for you to visit the gift shop at the Kuah Jetty so that you can buy souvenirs to take back with you. You can also spend this time taking pictures of the beautiful island and all the surrounding areas.

A ferry ride to Koh Lipe will take you through some of the most scenic places in the Andaman Sea. For this reason, it is always divisible to come with a good quality camera so that you can snap some of the magical moments in your journey. Because Langkawi is in a different country to that of KohLipe it is always advisable you arrive at the pier at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time for your ferry so that you can go through the customs and immigrations to get cleared for the trip. If you are not cleared in time, you may be forced to miss your ferry.

Traveling by a ferry from Langkawi to Koh Lipe is one of the best ways to see the beauty of the islands in the Andaman Sea. The journey is quite short taking just 90 minutes.

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