Felon Job Resume – Tips for Quality Resumes for Felons

Resume tips for felons are a huge help. It is a good way of rehabilitating someone by helping him or her to find a job from which he can start all over again. New jobs can help ex felons to become a part of the society. Jobs are more than just therapies to the ex felons. Finding a job is the best way they can reintroduce themselves to the community in which they live in and everyone needs help with resumes for felon jobs.

Creating a resume alone is something that many job seekers find very difficult to do. Even more difficult is if you need to create a resume for an ex felon? Should you keep the bad record a secret? How will you mention about the felony?

Resumes are created to highlight the best side of a person. However, they need to be honest and very accurate. So how are you going to do this? Good resume help for felons should be able to balance the positive and the negative side of a person.

The tips below are a good list of resume help for felons who are willing to start all over again by finding a good job.

Focus on the Qualifications:

An ordinary resume usually highlights the employment record of a person. Highlighting the previous employment record will show the responsibilities that a person previously held and how long they usually maintains a job. However, since the person is locked up in prison, there is a huge gap of years by which he was unemployed from his previous employment to the present date. So instead of focusing on their previous employment you can highlight their qualifications.

You may write the resume the way you write for a new grad’s resume. You may cite the educational attainment, other qualifications like special seminars, workshops and special trainings attended. If they are a professional, include the licenses. Then you can place the employment history at the bottom.

Mention the Felony in the Interview Not on the Resume:

Ordinarily, you choose which experience to write on your resume. If you, for instance worked in a company and was fired after a month, it would be wise not to mention it in your resume. What about the felony? Should you mention about your conviction?

The answer is “NO.” No, you do not have to mention it. Though there might be a break in the years of your employment history, it is better to mention about your felony in the interview.

Yes, you are worried about honesty. The thing is, you do not have to lie. Supposed that you were incarcerated for 5 years from 2004-2009. The following example will show you how you can deal with the dates you have spent in jail.


• Self Employed: September 2009 – Present

• Unemployed: [to be discussed in the interview]: 2004-2009

• Cashier – ABC Shopping Center, New York City, New York: August 2002- July 2003

Notice the dates on 2004 to the year 2009? It says “Unemployed [to be discussed in the interview]: 2004-2009.” This is a way you can consider about your felony charges without mentioning it on the paper.

An interviewer will surely ask why you were unemployed during those times. Honestly come clean about your felony charges; then tell the interviewer that you want to start anew. Focus your answer on starting all over again and trying to be good this time. Then you can bring the conversation to your qualifications and why you should be hired.

Create a Cover Letter:

Again avoid mentioning that you are an ex felon. What you need to do is to explain in brief paragraphs about your qualification and why the company needs you. Write the letter the way you’ll write an ordinary cover letter. Tell, but not expound, that you have made some mistakes in your past and whatever they are, you are willing to change for the good. Add an explanation how proud you are to be in your current path and how you would like to better yourself. Then ask for an interview to explain your unique situation.

If you are an ex felon, you may not be able to correct and undo your former mistakes but you can still do many things to make your future a little bit brighter. We all go through difficult times, but what is important is that we are able to stand from whatever problems that we encountered.

Hopefully, the tips we provided will help you deal with your unique circumstance. Surely, resume help for felons are difficult to find. But remember, there is nothing in this life that comes to us easily. Just persevere and with the help of these resume help for felons you’ll be able to create a successful resume.

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