Feel the Compliance of Heaven in Mauritius

It is said that “Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius”. However, this statement stands still even today as this paradise is worth every visit. Mauritius is considered to be a wildlife island and the wildlife tourism here, is rapidly gaining a lot of popularity therefore increasing the number of tourists here, with various Mauritius packages. Paradise, as this destination is rightly called, has saved numerous bird species from extinction than any other country on earth, resulting in being able to have a glimpse of two of the most beautiful birds of the Indian Ocean, namely, the pink pigeon and the Mauritian kestrel at various places around the island. You could also spot giant tortoises, either in captivity or roaming free on the Ile aux Aigrettes, while dolphins, whales and sharks are the three highlights of the island’s rich biodiversity in the marine environment.

Mauritius, after decades has still the cleanest and most pristine beaches one could ever visit. The vast emerald waters disappearing into the depth of the turquoise waters, creating a blue-green illusion, will you spell-bound. The island offers trekkers, a great trek in the Black River Gorges National Park where you could spot the wildlife, which includes the Mauritian kestrel. You could also set sail to view dolphins or whales which will amaze you. Never-the-less, Rodrigues is a remoter island where you will be surrounded mainly by peace, tranquillity and greenery, just the way most of you would like it.

Do not ever mistakenly assume that this paradise will leave you with tasteless food. Mauritius is a home to foodies of the world! This destination is winning plaudits for the excellence in its food, and the fine-dining restaurants at the five-star resorts, hotels and beach-side shacks that serve fish just off the boat. Mauritius is renowned for its curries, outstanding seafood and staples like the salade d’ourite, also known as the octopus salad. Their cuisine is influenced by the Mauritius Indian, Chinese, French and Creole communities. The tradition of the table d’hote or the family table is open to all and covered with the signature dishes of Mauritian home-style cooking, capturing the essence of the warm local welcome.

Mauritius is known to host a Monday market which is open to all around this paradise. Here, you will find silk and other textiles that are famous all over the world. There is plenty of steaming food stalls which will offer you scrumptious Mauritian meals. It is the best place to try the gateaux piments, dal purees, tangy samousa, chilli bites and foire de Mahebourg.

This paradise, on the whole, is a destination that will enable you to feel the compliance of Heaven in Mauritius. It is a beautiful destination to relax and unwind your stress. There are many Mauritius packages that could offer you a great deal to make this trip happen!

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