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Website traffic is vital for the survival of any website, as there will be no sales without it. Numerous Internet marketers strive to steer organic traffic to their sites. If your budget permits it, you can achieve instant traffic via pay by click, pay by view or various other methods, such as buying traffic. However, not everyone wishes to risk the paid methods for achieving viewers of their sites. If this is the case, what are the best options available? The purpose of this article is to reveal the best options to gain virtually instant organic traffic without having to spend even a penny.

This is perhaps to be considered to be the first generator of traffic and to achieve the best results, you need to focus upon getting backlinks from high page rank (PR) sites. An example of a high PR site is, which has a page rank of 8 and is owned by Google. It is free. You should not be apprehensive about the creation of a blog from scratch and with this blog site, you merely have to sign in using your googlemail account.

You should add the URL of your company under your Profile and save it by using href format. You can also utilise the services of Google Buzz, or perhaps eHow .com, which has a PR of 7. You can sign up with eHow in much the same way as you can for blogger .com. There are plenty more Free Website Traffic Articles Now Available on our website.

The next source to try is Twitter. You are missing a trick in respect of your business if you do not have a Twitter account. You can sign up for this for free and have a user name associated with your niche. In this way, your promotion is properly targeted and therefore far more beneficial to those following you on Twitter, because once you have set up your Twitter account, people will follow you via that medium. You will have the opportunity of selecting a search function and then enter the keyword for your own particular niche so that you can start to follow other people in that same group, or you can sign up for Tweeter Getter for free.

Article Writing:
This source of achieving traffic is reached by submission of articles to directories with high page ranks. A selection of the best directories are Ezine Articles, Articlebiz, Isnare, Article City, Articlealley, Articlebase, Article Dashboard, Go Articles and Searchwarp.

Apart from these, other high ranking article directories are also accessible. A crucial element of this is to ensure that any article you submit is absolutely unique. If an article directory has already published an article with the same title and/or content, they will not want to look at yours. It is important to use the resource box to the full advantage, ensuring you place at least one backlink within that resource box (or sometimes this is permitted within the body of the article) that points back to your website.

Think about joining busy forums and try to make a couple of postings a day. From this you will achieve a backlink from your profile and signature links within the forum. A couple of principal forums are warriorforum .com and digitalpoint .com, but there are numerous other ones you could think about. Searching through Google or any of the other major search engines will help to provide forums that would be of benefit to your niche.

The methods mentioned above should provide a launch pad to help you to start bringing organic traffic to your website in the most natural manner without having to spend any money. There are plenty more Website Traffic Help and Free Website Traffic Articles Now Available on our website.

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