Fantasy Makeup Ideas

The edgy, fantasy makeups aren’t available just for Halloween or other special events and parties. The surreal makeups and hairstyles are very in trend, not only because they match with the new styles, but because they make the most intriguing unique looks. You can make dramatic styles, or glamorous fairytale looks that will impress everyone. There are simple tricks to help you out with any style you would go for.

Party Makeup Ideas - Rainbow Eyes

False Eyelashes

Using false eyelashes are one of the most simple tricks to use. There are endless styles to choose from: different colors, shapes, even with feathers. Just make your skin flawless, apply a simple eyeshadow that matches your outfit and apply the false eyelashes. It will provide such a sophisticated look that you don’t need any other special makeup to emphasize your look. The outrageous dramatic eyes will grab all the attention and complete your outfit. You can even try applying the lashes on the lower eyelid to make it more extreme.

Eyeshadow Tricks

The most common cosmetic item, the eyeshadow, can also make a a great effect.

Make a nice smoky eye makeup in any color that would match your outfit. Grab a piece of lace, make two holes in it for your eyes and place it on your face as a mask. Than apply the eyeshadow on the lace and when you’re done, remove it. It will make a perfect lace design on your face, as a natural mask that will look very glamorous.

Using vivid colors in large areas around the eyes and temple areas will also make a gorgeous look. Also, you can mix it with a few strong eyeliner stripes to make it more sophisticated, or let it simply in one shade, without using not even mascara. It will make a strange look specially if you hide your eyebrows to.

Apply Accessories

A third simple yet interesting way to create fantasy looks is to apply all kinds of accessories directly on your face. After you’ve done with a simple makeup that matches your style, simply glue decorative object on your face and leave your imagination free. Use the eyelash glue. Get creative and start applying crystals, feathers, fake flowers, or anything your mind can think of. Make unique mixes of colors and objects that would never match. Get some face candies and use them as makeup accessories wright on your face.

As a simple example, try using sugar or glitter to make a frozen icy cold fantasy makeup.

You can get inspired from celebrities, copy their looks, or make new flattering makeups to make the most stunning looks. You just have to use some simple accessories, or use your cosmetics in a different way to get edgy looks. You can use false lashes, alternative contact lens, or any other accessory you want to. Don’t be afraid to experiment, just go ahead and make the most incredible fantasy makeups ever!

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