Fall Makeup Trends 2009

One thing you need to do each season is to clean, refresh and update your makeup bag to the newest trends. Of course, you don’t need to trough everything away, just make sure you use them well and apply them in a fashionable way.

As you probably guessed already, fall will bring darker colors, new makeup collections. The latest colors that will be the main hues of this autumn, are purple, berry and black. There will be plenty of drama and edginess in fall specially in makeup trends.


Makeup Base

When the fall comes, your skin will need a different care. Make sure you’ll hydrate it properly and protect it from windy and rainy weathers. As a makeup base, get a new covering makeup. Find the perfect foundation, concealer and powder and avoid getting your skin dry. Do your best to keep the balance with nature.

Colors and Makeup

As we already mentioned, purple, berry and black will be the main parts of this falls makeup trends. But the most seen of all, will be the purple. Having a main role in the new look, purple can be seen even in the undertones of other colors. Find it in eyeshadows, lipsticks or nail polishes.

Use a purple eyeshadow, or create extra bold dark smoky eyes with plenty of black to make your eyes pop. Same thing for your lips to, but never emphasize both. Go either bold eyes or bold lips. Dramatic looks are very in style, but you don’t need to overdo it.

Main Elements of Fall 2009 Makeup Trends

  • bold makeup. Either extra dark eyes, either dark lips, but definitely dark purple nail polish
  • colors used: purple, berry, black, metallic shades
  • smoky eye is back. An evergreen classic one that makes the most feminine eyes
  • don’t be afraid to experiment edgy dramatic looks. Fall is the season of changes. Try the new colors in trend, create new looks and enjoy the cooler weather
  • don’t forget to change your skin care routine to. Moisturize and don’t stop using moisturizers with UV factors. Sun is still damaging.
  • get inspired from the new collections and get some new makeup items just to make sure you’re up to date.

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