Facts related to car insurance policy

Buying a car is an expensive affair, so is taking care of it.Therefore, keeping it secure and safe should be a priority. According to windshield experts in cities like Gurgaon people spend a lot on maintaining various parts of their cars like windshield, gears, brakes, etc. So it is advised to pay attention to car insurance. A minor accident can also be heavy on the pocket and the bill can run into thousands and can become unaffordable.

Here are some few facts which should be kept in mind while buying a car insurance-

1) Zero Depreciation- As the name suggests, it manages depreciation and gives you complete cover. Even though it is slightly expensive, it is extremely beneficial, especially if the car is expensive. It is highly beneficial if you can afford a higher premium amount, and ensuring that your car gets full insurance cover.

2) Third Party liability insurance-In India, it is compulsory for driving a car, and is asked almost everywhere by the government/police. In case of an accident with the vehicle, it covers the cost of loss to the third party.

3) Comprehensive insurance: As the name suggests it offers whole coverage for both third party and own damage liability.

4) The expiry of the car insurance needs to be kept in mind. It is valid for a year and any delay, even after 1 day, can cause rejection or renewal, or demand inspection of the vehicle.

5) There are several factors which decide the Premium like year of manufacture of the car, model, current condition, IDV (Insured Declared Value) and other factors.

6) If any accident is caused, the insurer should be informed immediately. And if the damage is severe which is caused by a third party, FIR should be registered.

7) Depending upon the insurer claims post-accident can be settled either through reimbursement mode or cashless.

8) If the accident falls under the exclusion category, the claim can be rejected by the insurance company.

9) For used cars the registration and insurance cover needs to be transferred to your name within 14 days of the purchases, for the cover to remain valid.

In India, if you own a car you must compulsorily possess an insurance cover, so that in case of any accident the damages caused by your car to third parties, are covered. Nowadays, online car insurance quotes can be found on the insurance company’s website with comparison quotes from different insurance companies as well. This is true not just for insurance but also for purchase of car accessories. It’s now been surveyed that in metro cities like Chennai, people are checking the internet to get comparative knowledge about windshieldsand expertswho repairs them, brake shoes, disc brakes etc.

All of these car related factors should be kept in mind while purchasing a car as it can raise or lower the auto insurance quotes you receive. In case of any damage or theft of vehicle, Car Insurance policy protects the owner of the vehicle against any financial loss.


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