Facts About Pet Vaccinations You Need To Know

Some facts about pet vaccinations you need to know: It’s true, these vaccinations are important to protect your pet against different types of viruses and even bacteria that sometimes causes sickness, diseases and health-related illnesses with consequences that could harm a pet. Having a pet vaccinated keeps them safe from parasites, diseases and more. A bay area Houston Veterinarian can give you more information. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons it is important to vaccinate a pet.

Clear lake city pet vaccines are so important to protect from diseases that are contagious, no matter if your pet only stays indoors. Diseases can be airborne and could expose themselves through an open window so don’t let that concept of keeping a pet indoors fool you into believing vaccines are not necessary. Boarding kennels, dog parks and even a grooming salon are a few places where they may be exposed.

A distemper shot is a combination of some very powerful viruses. Distemper, hepatitis, par influenza and parvovirus are the four main diseases and it’s very important not to let this shot go by the wayside. Ask a bay area Houston Sick Dog how often to have this shot down. Rabies is another powerful disease that could kill a pet. Even humans are susceptible if a pet is infected. Clear lake city pet vaccines will always include a rabies shot and are mostly required by the laws of each state in the USA.

Some Veterinarians will recommend other shots that are not required by law, but depending on where you live and the type of lifestyle the path leads, it may be a good idea to know the facts when it comes to some of these vaccinations. Like Leptospirosis, which is a bacterial infection that is mainly in moist climates and where there is a lot of slow-moving water. This is a disease that can be spread from animal to human, so ask your vet about this one.

Have you ever heard the term “kennel cough?” It’s a virus that causes upper respiratory infection in animals. If you go to the dog park, a groomer or especially a boarding kennel, this may be one shot to think about having for your pet. Even dog shows or doggie daycare are places where a pet may get infected. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection ticks carry. In certain areas of the country, like the coasts and the Great Lake areas, Lyme disease is known to be high. If you live in this area and didn’t know this fact, you may want to have the shot.

Did you know dogs can get the flu? It’s called Canine Influenza, a viral upper respiratory disease that is prevalent in animal shelters and boarding kennels. In 2004 at a racetrack in Florida, a case was found. It spread across the country and now is considered one of the outbreaks of boarding kennels, so if you drop off your pet at a boarding kennel, make sure you have your pet vaccinated against this flu.

In the South, the Corona Virus is prevalent. It is a viral infection that affects the intestines, but even visiting the area may be a good idea to get vaccinated for this one. In all, these are the facts about shots and vaccinations any pet owner should know.

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