Face Wrinkles – Why Use Vitamin A? – Part 1

Vitamin A is an important part of health. It is involved with:

– vision

– immunity

– bones

– reproduction

– antioxidant

– skin

– and others

Vitamin A Relationship To Healthy Beautiful Skin

We are interested here in the relationship of Vitamin A to healthy, beautiful skin. It has been found to be an important component of healthy skin and its use in the treatment of skin conditions is being actively researched. These are simple natural beauty tips.

A Form of Vitamin A is Topical Retinol

One of the forms of Vitamin A is Retinol. Research has been positive on the topical application of Retinol to firm-up skin and reduce wrinkles. It is believed that topical Retinol assists or plays a part in the formation of certain compounds that form the skin, such as collagen.

Topical Retinol creams or lotions can be topically applied (rubbed into the skin) to have the effect of reducing fine wrinkles. In addition, skin can be stronger and more resistant to damage, when the topical Retinol is applied.

Vitamin A also occurs in abundance in various foods, including:

– broccoli

– carrot

– pumpkin

– sweet potato

– kale

– spinach

– collard greens

– apricot

– mango

– papaya

– peas

Always shop at your natural foods or health foods store first for topical Retinol to find a product that has the fewest (or perhaps no) chemical compounds in the formulation. These simple natural beauty tips show you how to achieve reduction of the skin wrinkle problem that comes on with aging.