Eye Makeup To Flatter Very Large Or Heavily-Lidded Eyes


To flatter very large, heavily-lidded or protruding eyes, the following principle will be useful for creating more depth:  lighter colors create fullness and highlight an area, while darker colors create depth and definition.

Liner:  Using the makeup principle above, first trace the upper eyelash line with a eye_liner_slim_eye_pencils_thumb.jpg black or dark brown pencil or liquid eyeliner…you can also line from the inner corner to the outer corner, whichever you like best.  (Note:  Liner is most flattering when it gradually becomes thinner as it progresses toward the inner corner of the eye.)  Also add liner underneath the eyes starting in the outside corners, tapering to a very thin line, ending about halfway underneath the eye.  Large eyes can wear eyeliner beneath the lower lashline better than most eye shapes, but do be aware: if you have dark areas underneath your eyes, using too much liner under the lower lash line will draw attention to dark circles.
eye_shadow_matte_slate_thumb.jpgShadows:  To flatter very large or heavily-lidded eyes, blend highly-pigmented medium-dark or dark eye shadows on the eyelid only.  Then with a thin angle-tipped brush,  trace over the eyeliner underneath the eye with your dark eye shadow to soften and smooth the liner.  Avoid using light colors on your eyelid since lighter tones will make the lids appear more full.  tools_brushes_angle_detailer_thumb.jpgSultry Eyes: A sultry eye look would look fabulous on large eyes!  Smudge darker colors on the eyelid.  With a thin eyeliner brush, also apply the dark eye shadow underneath the eye, drawing a fine line beneath the base of the lower lashes.  Then use a medium eye shadow tone in the eye crease and graduate to a lighter color underneath the eyebrow to finish your sultry eye.mascara_long_luscious_tubes_thumb.jpglash_conditioner_thumb.jpgFinishing:  Of course, curling your eyelashes will help show off your eyes too.  If your lashes are thin, try using an eyelash primer/conditioner prior to mascara.  Finish with several coats of mascara, letting each coat dry thoroughly.

WHY select highly-pigmented makeup colors?   Makeup colors that look best for photography and stage are usually highly-pigmented, meaning they contain strong color pigments and are not sheer.  A highly-pigmented makeup color product will allow the user to apply a small amount to achieve a bit of color or it can provide darker, dramatic color when applied more heavily.  This allows flexibility for the user to achieve her preferred look.  Along with being longer-lasting, the strong color pigment in highly-pigmented makeup colors will hold up against the harsh lighting from cameras and stage lights (no washed-out, ghostly makeup looks).

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