Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Green eyes are not as common as brown eyes or even blue eyes. Therefore, if you have green eyes, then chances are you will want them noticed. This can be easily done just by choosing the right makeup and clothing.

In this article I would like to give you some pointers on how to highlight green eyes just by using the right makeup colors.

I will not discus proper methods of application but just color choice and combinations,  for application you can find great tips on  eye makeup here and also more tips on eye makeup for green eyes and other eye colors too.

 Eye liner colors for green eyes.

For intensifying green eyes use shades of plum and violet eyeliner. These colors are the opposites to green on the color wheel and so will create a sharp contrast that will make green eyes stand out.

For eyeliners avoid the traditional black go for a natural brown. For a more dramatic look try plum or green eyeliners.

 Eye makeup colors for green eyes

Green eyes have great potential. Picking the right makeup colors to complement them will allow you to make the best of them.

For eyeshadow pick shades of colors that are complementary to green, brown, gold, plum, greens.

 Shades of green eyeshadow will make your eye color pop while plum and purple hues will deliver a dramatic effect.

 For mascara try dark brown which will brighten up and open up green eyes.

Natural brown will not draw attention from green eyes.

Keep the rest of your makeup minimal so as not to draw attention away from your eyes. So go for neutral blush and lipsticks.

 One more great tip for brightening up green eyes is using  bright and light shades of eyeshadow to inside corners of eyes will brighten green eyes and make you look more lively and awake.

So, ladies, take advantage of those green windows to the soul that you have been blessed with. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different looks, ordinary everyday look, a business like look for the work place, a glamorous look for going out etc. You can find more such great tips on eye makeup for green eyes here.

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