Exploring the Busy La Rambla of Barcelona

Barcelona has long been a city that draws in visitors from all over the world to its exciting streets and busy lifestyle. Set amongst some of the best scenes and locales that Spain has to offer, Barcelona is a much-desired Mediterranean destination.

Barcelona is full of shopping, good restaurants, markets and arts and culture, meaning it draws visitors of all kinds. The city boasts many different districts and is even close enough for many visitors to head to the beach for a swim. We have many more Spain Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

During the busiest times, Barcelona can be known as a city that doesn’t sleep, with many festivals and parties in the streets that last all night. However, Barcelona also makes an interesting city to visit in the off-season, as it can be quieter and in many cases less expensive.

One of the biggest draws to Barcelona is the street known as La Rambla. This street is well known and world famous for the goods sold along it, as well as the street performers and other attractions.

La Rambla stretches from the city’s harbour and through the Ciutat Vella community. Considered an amazing walking street, La Rambla is home to many street performers that surprise tourists. In addition, many have boasted about the flowers available along the street, and if you walk the length there is an impressive food market near the end.

During the day, La Rambla is a busy tourist destination, but is also lively at night when locals come out to the strip. It is a particularly exciting place to be, especially when local sports teams have won games and spirits are high.

Many guides have noted that La Rambla is the most visited and high profile location in Barcelona. The street is divided into five sections, meaning there is something for anyone, no matter if you’re looking for art, flowers or delicious Spanish food.

For those looking for a less-popular destination, there also parts of La Rambla which are known for attracting mainly locals. These spots often boast used bookstores and newspaper stands, and are less popular with many tourists.

Barcelona is a popular destination for many tourists, and it’s easy to see why. With its beautiful Mediterranean location and warm weather, it makes a stunning city to base a trip to Spain. However, with there being so much to do then it can prove worthwhile to create an itinerary once you arrive from your flights to Barcelona, and be sure to fit in all of the famous sights on your trip away.

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