Experience the Fine Art of Angling in Island Paradise Maldives

Laden with literally a thousand islands flanked by turquoise shaded waters as far as the eye can see, the island nation of Maldives is a holiday destination quite like any other in the Indian Ocean.  Although the country’s popularity as a beach haven is well-documented in travelogues world over, the island archipelago is also fast gaining a reputation as one of the best fishing locales in the region with a variety of gaming fish and other catches inhabiting its azure waters.

With a heavy emphasis on seafood items in the local cuisine fishing is unsurprisingly a popular past time among Maldivians and has been for centuries. Due to the nature of the crystal clear waters in the islands it is possible to fish during both day and night time in the Maldives. Employing the tried and true ‘Pole and Line’ method visitors can also enjoy the simple pleasures of fishing while visiting the country. Setting off on a traditional sea vessel known as a Dhoni with fishing rod and line in hand the conventional fishing practice uses a barbless bamboo pole to hook the fish. This method remains the main method of fishing even among local fisherman as netted fishing is prohibited in Maldives.

Fishing enthusiasts are likely to find true prizes such as marlins, sail-fish, barracuda, red snappers, yellow-fin tunas, bonefish, dogtooth tunas, giant trevallys, wahoos and dorados at the end of their lines. Fly fishing, trolling and reef casting are other fishing practices that are available in the Maldives which is also renowned as a night fishing hub. Trolling usually hooks dogtooth tunas, sailfish, dorado and marlins using baits such as flies and other lures while reef casting guarantees catches that include blue fins, rainbow runners, giant trevallys and barracudas. Fly fishing enthusiasts on the other hand can ahead down to the shallow sand embankments near the islands where fish can be hooked using sea worms and fake bait fish.

Night fishing is an activity reserved for those who relish the time spent under the stars waiting for a prized catch. Relaxing on an anchored Dhoni on the outer reaches of the atoll reefs at dusk is an experience to treasure while a wide variety of reef fish such as squirrelfish, emperors, jacks and snappers are also up for grabs when engaging in night fishing.

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