Experience a Western Mediterranean Cruise

If you’re not sure whether to opt for a sunshine break or a culture-filled extravaganza on your next cruise holiday, why not go for both on a western Mediterranean cruise?

The region is one of the most culturally-rich areas in the world thanks to the achievements of countries such as Spain, Italy, Croatia, Monaco, Malta, Portugal and Morocco. We have many More Mediterranean Cruise Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

These same locations are also ideally situated to make the most of the Mediterranean’s excellent weather and are home to some of the finest beaches you can find anywhere around the globe.

Each country has something unique to offer to cruise-goers, whether it’s Spain’s popular beach culture and intriguing city architecture or Monaco’s atmosphere of wealth and exclusivity.

Croatia is one of those countries that have been heavily influenced by surrounding nations and previous rulers, and as such you’ll likely find elements of Italian, Hungarian and Austrian culture in its own.

In Malta, prehistoric temples, grand palaces and medieval attractions are the order of the day when it comes to educational sightseeing, although the island is home to its fair share of sumptuous beaches for when you’re feeling too lazy to stroll around its streets.

Italy, meanwhile, has ports such as Rome, Venice, Naples and Florence, each of which are world-renowned for their arts, architecture and restaurants, as well as for being particularly romantic destinations for couples.

Elsewhere, Portugal’s mix of popular tourist hotspots and unspoiled countryside and beaches make it a great cruise stop for travellers of all tastes, with Lisbon, the main port, offering a unique destination for a mini city break with a difference if you choose a cruise and stay holiday there.

If you’re considering a cruise package that includes a stop in Morocco, make sure you snap it up. The country will offer an unforgettable holiday experience that is vastly different to anything you will find elsewhere in the western Mediterranean, thanks to its exotic food, spectacular mosques and other Islamic architecture, and markets that bustle day and night. We have many More Mediterranean Cruise Vacation┬áInformation, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

Wherever you choose to stop, a western Mediterranean cruise could well have everything you could possibly want from the holiday of a lifetime.