Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat

You might believe that the best way to acquire six-pack abs is by focusing your exercises on the abs themselves.

Inaccurate advertising is responsible for this belief, with attractive fit people demonstrating abdominal exercisers.

You may even have huffed and puffed while doing good old fashioned sit-ups and crunches while thinking that you are on your way to losing your belly fat.

Unfortunately, while abs exercises may contribute little to bringing out your abs, focusing on the abs alone will not sculpt your abdominal area as seen on TV.

All of us have abdominal muscles in our bodies. The reason that these muscles can’t be seen is because they are coverd by body fat.

To bring out your hidden abs, you must first lose some fat with the help of a full body exercise routine. You should ideally exercise to burn fat from all over your body, and replace it with lean muscle.

Weight training is the best and most effective way of doing this. Exercise movements are more difficult when working with weights. This makes your muscles work harder with every lift and curl. As your muscles work harder, you burn more fat, and your muscles will appear more defined.

Overall weight training lets you work on your abdominal muscles directly and indirectly. A fitness expert can draw up a program for you consisting of a full body workout to increase your body’s metabolism, high intensity resistance training which can also double as your cardiovascular routine, and some abs specific moves to help develop your core muscles.

In order to bring out your abs, the number of repetitions is not as important as the intensity of the routine.

To illustrate, a hundred stomach crunches will not necessarily yield the same results as that of a couple of heavy weight repetitions. When your exercise routine starts to feel so easy that you no longer dread doing a hundred repetitions of it, it is possible that your body may no longer be able to burn fat effectively.

To lose belly fat and get a sexy set of abs, it is best to work at strengthening the muscles all over your body.

All you need to trim yourself is a complete body workout using good old weights and not any of the strange looking contraptions being sold on TV that make empty promises about letting you lose belly fat without working up a sweat.

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