Exercise – Most Effective Cardio Workouts

I’m well aware that the title of this article has many treadmill / elliptical users pissed. But at least I got your attention. Whatever you may believe, I’m here to inform you how useless (most ineffective) elliptical and treadmill cardio workouts really are. Not to mention the dull and sheer bore of the workout, I’ll supply you with more effective methods of fat-burning without the excessive loss of time. 

I want to first state that if you love your elliptical or treadmill workout routine enough and enjoy doing it, then keep doing it. Beyond facts, the most important workout is the most enjoyable workout. But I will still indulge you in the reasons why they are highly ineffective compared to other methods, after that you can make your own decision. 

Overall, after this I will be giving you fair notice on why they are wasteful, so don’t say I didn’t. 

Personally I don’t like using cardio machines at all as methods of fat burning or other exercise. I prefer to have hands on, proactive training such as a sport (racquet ball, bball, badminton) or something team oriented where there is an overall goal. Not running for a certain time in the same pattern to reach a mark. 

Why do I think cardio machines are so awful? Well, here’s 5 reasons:

1) From the economically point, the pricing. Why buy a $1500 machine that doesn’t provide any effective health benefits besides the mental understanding that you’ll get for thinking you’re doing something effective.

You’ll see plenty of ideas below for better home workouts if you don’t like going to a gym to work out.

2) From the scientific perspective, they don’t do nothing for your body! Why would you want to engage in something that doesn’t stimulate any fat burning hormones or other body mechanisms that can help you lose weight?! There are better ways available!

3) As I said before, they’re boring.

4) Exercise machines become habit, routine, tedious. Which is never a good thing in any phase of a workout. While running on your treadmill you can read a book, watch tv or focus on something else. This isn’t the proper way to exercise; you should have to concentrate fully on the exercise at hand. 

5) Multiple tests prove that treadmill running has the potential to be highly less effective than outdoor / nature running. For reasons such as stride lengths, terrains, constantly engaging different muscles at different intensities and lengths, air supply and so on.

So what are some good alternatives to elliptical machine and treadmill workouts? Here are a few highly effective methods: 

Outdoor wind sprint workouts – Look at any world class sprinter, do you envy their body? Probably. Compare that rock hard body with world class marathon runners; scrawny little things. See what I’m saying… 

Jumping rope – CRAZY mind – body relationship is formed in this. Complete coordination and balance. Plus you can create variety with loads of different methods. 

Bodyweight exercises – Anything you need just your body for. Speed peddlers, pushups, dips, squats, lunges, planks, mountain runners etc…

Rowing Machine – A complete body workout that has all your muscles working together. Demands more concentration than ellipticals and treadmills and works much better. 

Hill sprinting – Run up a graded hill, walk down. Repeat as many times as you can (another world class running drill) 

Shadow boxing – a ridiculous killer workout, but better done if the confinements of your home if you’d like to avoid embarrassment.  

Swimming sprints – An intense workout done in the pool. Instead of pace swimming, swim as hard as you can for 1 lap. Rest for 20 seconds, then go at it again!

Heavy bag punching/kicking workouts, speed bag, rebounding bag – all are tremendous workouts and much more fun than boring cardio machines and require immense muscle – body – mind focus. 

So, I hope I was able to enlighten your view on elliptical and treadmill workouts. As well as bring you some more variety on different workouts you can do that are more effective. 

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