Exercise For Man Boobs – A Great Aerobic Exercise To Burn Chest Fat And Get Rid Of Moobs

Since man boobs are bags of excess chest fat, you can reduce them by proper exercise and diet. While a regular diet and exercise routine may not be enough to get rid of your man boobs, it can reduce them by a considerable degree.

I’m often asked what is the best exercise for man boobs (or moobs which is another name for man boobs). There is no answer for this, since what works for one man may be less effective for another. The best exercises for man boobs need to either:

  1. Work the chest muscles
  2. Be aerobic routines to burn chest fat
  3. Be an aerobic routine which works the chest muscles.

This article deals with one excellent exercise which falls into the 3rd category and is very effective. This exercise, despite it’s being very simple and easy to perform is not done by many men. I’m referring to the jumping rope exercise.

This old exercise of our childhood, which is mostly remembered as a game, is one of the most effective aerobic routines there is. It’s effective because it’s an intensive aerobic exercise which burns a lot of fat, and it also involves rapid rotation of the arms and soldiers which also stimulates the chest muscles. This is exactly what you need in order to burn chest fat and eliminate your man boobs.

Here are a few tips to correctly jump rope in order to reduce man boobs:

  1. Rotate the entire length of your arms so your shoulders and chest muscles get more stimulation.
  2. Jump over a soft surface such as grass or soft sand. Refrain from jumping over floors or asphalt.
  3. Don’t jump barefoot. Always wear snickers.
  4. If you have joint problems such as ankle or knee injuries or pain, consult your doctor before jumping rope.

A few minutes of jumping rope will leave you sweating and gasping for air. Include a few minutes of jumping rope a few times a week and you will see an impressive reduction in your body fat and man boobs.

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