Excercise Ball to Work Your Abs

Working your abs with an exercise ball can be an exhilarating way to get a great workout! Exercise balls are fun and simple, but they add an edge to a workout. The most basic ab routines to do with an exercise ball are a basic crunch and a medicine ball crunch.

A regular crunch will require the use of a larger inflatable exercise ball. These balls are bouncy, and they are used often in low-impact aerobics classes. To do a crunch on them requires more balance than a regular crunch and helps build up your thigh and ab muscles. Put the ball firmly on the ground and then sit on it. Make sure the ball isn’t moving before you lie back.

Your feet will stay on the ground, and you can do a crunch on the ball. Do not try to do as many reps with the exercise ball crunch as you do with regular crunches. Because you will be working on your balance, you will not need to do as many crunches to get a great workout.

The second basic way to work your abs with an exercise ball is to use a medicine ball. These balls are smaller, but they look the same as the large exercise balls. Some medicine balls are tightly inflated, but others are hard.

To do a crunch with a medicine ball, simply do a traditional crunch. Instead of putting your hands behind your head and pulling forward, hold the medicine ball in your hands. As you come up into the crunch, twist your torso slowly to the left. On the next crunch, twist your torso to the right. By doing that, you can build up the muscles along the sides of the abdominal wall.

Once you have mastered working your abs with an exercise ball with these basic routines, you can begin to branch out. Try doing standing crunches and holding the ball against you. Though it may be simple at first, you will discover that your muscles will need to work harder as you try to balance the ball on your midsection.

You also can try doing a reverse crunch on the large exercise ball. You will need excellent balance, as you will have to hold yourself up with your hands. However, if you can pull them off, these exercises are a great way to add a bit of variety to your ab workout.

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