Eva Longoria Diet and Fitness Routine – How This Desperate Housewives Star Keeps Healthy and Fit

Born of Mexican-American family on March 15, 1975, Eva Longoria only stands 5 feet 2 inches tall. However, up close and personal, she looks smaller. Her body structure is fine, especially her bones. Naturally, Eva Longoria is skinny. Longoria admits she is confident wearing bikinis or lingerie for their Desperate Housewives TV show as part of her contract. She does not make a fuss about it.

When asked to share her beauty and figure secrets. Eva Longoria never hesitates stating she eats vegetables. In fact, she loves vegetables, particularly green leafy such as Brussels sprout and spinach. Her diet routine apart from vegetables includes egg whites, lean proteins, and healthy snacks. She is not very strict to herself for she allows having a cheat day in which Eva indulges in her favorite sinful snacks, Chocolate Chips Ahoy. Longoria recalls that even when she was still a child, she already loves chocolate chips.

In addition, she eats pizza two times a week, spaghetti and meatballs, yogurt and fruits. However, the star for popular show Desperate housewives never likes carbohydrates. She is not obsessed with her diet either. Longoria’s key is moderation and to keep her meals balance and healthy. When it comes to fitness routine, this Desperate Housewives star says she grew up in a ranch in Texas and was always sporty. She enjoyed playing basketball, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Now that she is on her thirties, Eva still is athletic. Her evidence is her degree-kinesiology. Nevertheless, she was lazy at most times.

Time came when the Desperate Housewives director showed her the skimpy wardrobe that her character in the show had to wear. That was when Eva realized she needed to hit the gym. To keep her motivated, Longoria hired a personal trainer, Pat Murphy, who makes her workout for one hour three times a week. Longoria’s fitness routine involves Core Exercises to strengthen her stamina and endurance. She does not do work out because she has a bikini shoot the next day or the next week.

Longoria also travels a lot. Whenever her schedule permits it, she takes vacation to exotic places with her family and loved ones. Traveling makes her skin dehydrated that is why she has a regular facial session. Eva Longoria was kind enough to offer few tips.

1. To have a motivation to keep working towards the goal

2. Health is always a wise investment

3. Be hands-on in preparing for the meals

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