European River Cruises – 3 Great Ways to Experience Danube River

The Danube River is one of the greatest attractions of European River Cruises. The Danube River is European Union’s longest river and the second longest waterway in the European continent, Russia’s Volga being the longest river. It emanates in Germany’s Black Forest region and flows through 10 European countries, including Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania and connects to the Black Sea.

The Danube River is much older than the Rhine River and the river basin is believed to be the site of various ancient cultures. The Danube River remains to be one of the most historic and strategically important waterways and easily one of the top river cruises destination in Europe. We have many More Europe Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

Top 3 Danube River Cruises

· The Legendary Danube

This extremely popular river cruise brings out the best of the Danube River and the rest of Europe. It is all about the thrill and splendor of the Main Danube Canal, fascinating Benedictine Abbey, magnificent Regensburg and a lot more. There are also special travel treats that are offered including an exclusive wine tour, which offer special tastings and lectures at no added cost.

· The Blue Danube

This Danube cruise is a fairy-tale journey through medieval villages and castles. It glides past Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Salzburg. The itinerary also brings you to Wachau Valley which is renowned for its castle-studded landscape. Travelers get to enjoy a luxurious imperial music and dinner party treat in Vienna, special lecture and wine tasting in Dürnstein, day-tours that brings you to Prague’s baroque monastery libraries and Mozart’s Salzburg, and nightly cultural entertainment onboard your riverboat.

This holiday cruise along the Danube River also features a visit to the fabled Schönbrum Palace and silver treasures of Hofburg. The cruise package include 2-night stay at 5-star hotels in Prague and Budapest and offers enough time off-shore for you to enjoy museums, remarkable cathedrals, bridges, stained glass and frescoes.

· Tasty Danube

This light but fun-filled cruise along the Danube River offers thrilling experiences and day tours that will bring you to charming cities and enchanting small towns. It is launch at the “City of Music” and covers the natural splendor of the Wachau Valley, Bratislava and Oberammergau.

Bonus Trivia about The Danube River

Interestingly, this famous waterway is not referred to as the “Danube” in any of the countries where it flows. It is called the “Donau” in Germany, “Dunaj” in Hungary, etc. At the height power and influence of the Roman Empire, this European waterway was known as “Danubius.” These names that are attributed to the waterway were derived from word “Danu,” which is a Celtic term that literally means “to run” or “to flow.” We have many More Europe Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.