Eucalyptus Honey – Everything You Need to Know About Eucalyptus Honey

Eucalyptus honey is a honey that is grown primarily in California. The eucalyptus tree came from Australia and was brought to California because it is such a fast growing tree. There are over 500 species of eucalyptus trees today and their flowers can very greatly in color. The flowers are pink, red, white and sometimes yellow. Because of the great variety in species and flower the name eucalyptus honey may not describe a specific flavor or texture of honey. There is no way to track which trees a bee pollinates.

Generally eucalyptus honey is regarded as having a slightly herbal flavor with a hint of menthol. It also has a butterscotch quality and is not as sweet as some other honey flavors. It can be a great honey to sweeten a herbal tea or a strong black tea. When you buy eucalyptus honey you want to make sure that there is a description of the flavor profile since it can be so broad.This honey is used for health purposes although no studies have proven its effectiveness. Many people have used eucalyptus honey for rheumatism, lumbago, sprains, stiff muscles, and general aches and pains. The honey is actually used topically and is rubbed into the skin in a circular pattern.

When ever you are buying honey you should always look for it to be raw. Raw honey is an totally unprocessed that is bottled without any heat added. This is the only way to ensure that the natural health benefits are not destroyed with excessive heat. When you go to your local grocer you will find honey that will not solidify and that is a sign that it has been heated. The other advantage to raw honey is that it has bee pollen, propolis and honey comb remnants in it each with their own nutritional advantages. These added materials are usually strained out of processed honey and sold separately or discarded because they can make it look cloudy.

Although it is not one of the most popular honeys around. There are several applications where the right honey for the job is eucalyptus honey.

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