Essential Tips for Writing the Perfect Resume

Writing the perfect resume can be both time consuming and stressful. Here are some tips to get you started. Many employers admit to not even considering resumes with errors or typos. Make certain that your resume is error-free by spellchecking, grammar checking and looking for any missing words.

Create a resume that is easy to read and has lots of space. Use a visually pleasing font such as Arial and use 12 point spacing. Use bold sparingly and use bullets as it makes a resume much easier to skim or read. Keep the length to a minimum but do not try to fit everything on one page if it really will not fit.

Customize your objective by tailoring it to each employer. Use the position title and the name of the company in your objective and potential employers will know that you have done your homework on their company. Try to use several of the components of the job listing in your objective as well. This will be one of the first things that an employer reads so making it clear and understandable is vital.

Don’t forget the contact information. This is something that people commonly leave off of their resume or they do not include all of the ways that they can be contacted thinking instead that a cover letter will take care of it. Place all of this information at the top of your resume and indeed on every document that you send to a potential employer.

Your resume should be written to attract potential employers and to get you a job interview. Many employers receive hundreds of applications for each job advertised so make your resume stand out from the others.

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