Essential Facts About Search Engine Optimization

SEO became a standard over time, when website owners realized the importance of getting listed high on a search engine’s result page in order to attract visitors to their WebPages.

It was observed that when a visitor searches on Google, Yahoo! Or any other search engine for something a company offers, even if its website contains appropriate content and attractive design if the website doesn’t show up on the first page of results,that would reduce the number of visitors to that website. It was then webmasters started to learn how to make their websites search engine friendly to be featured on the first ten results for a visitor to draw highest traffic or number of visits. There are plenty more Website Traffic Help Articles Now Available on our website.

Some attributes to make a search engine friendly website:

Make sure that your website is found on a Google by submitting it to free directories and at other places so that search engine spiders/crawlers (which are automated code to index your page) can find your WebPages.

Make your website text based content rich because Google like text more than any type of attractive design. Also you should bear in mind that websites are created for humans and not for Google.  By keeping this principle you should never forget that even though it is assumed that on the web ‘content is king’, for the businesses it is always ‘customer is king’. Hence, practice Internet marketing principles to gain high revenue through the use of search engine optimization technology and not just to gain a higher position. Because that will get you the traffic you intended but will fail to generate any business.

Use descriptive html design elements such as title tags, meta descriptions and keep the navigational structure of the website uncluttered. This will help Google spiders to crawl all the pages beyond home page to get your website indexed properly for different search phrases or keywords from the visitors.

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