Essential Bartender Resume Tips To Land The Interview!

The point of the Bartender Resume is to get your foot in the door so you can get an interview at the establishment of choice.  The problem is, sooo many potential bartenders (especially in this economic climate) are literally throwing their resumes at managers and they end up collecting dust in a big stack in the office.  YOU need to differentiate yourself from the competition so you can WOW your manager and get the interview!

Creating your bartender resume needs to have a value and importance with each part. Basically, there are essential parts that you should fill in before submitting it to your employer. 

The Objective
The objective may just be the first thing your hiring manager reads.  Tell them exactly what position you are applying for and WHY.   As a bartender, you need to have an objective which direct the needs of 1.)Customer(how you can serve them) 2.) Employer 3.) Yourself as a bartender. 

Personal Information
Your personal information has great value within your bartender resume. You need to have the detailed and honest information about yourself.  This may just be the magic ingredient that separates you from the competition.  What makes you special or unique?  WHY should the hiring manager choose you?  

Collect your bartending experience in respective manner from the latest to the oldest job that you had. You don’t have to list EVERY job you ever had, just the impressive and relevant ones.   When listing your experiences from your previous job, make sure not to just put the date that you started and ended your job. Put some information of the companies development regarding your involvement. Describe and quantify your job description as much as possible.  With these way, the bartender employer will see your worth and how you can be useful to his/her company.

Bartending Skills
There IS a difference between Experience and Skills.  Skills can be obtained through experience. Include skills not just your physical attainment like alcoholic drinks mixing but also skills that matter about your inner self development. Counting money, working P.O.S. machines, dealing with customers, etc are ALL skills!

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