Enhancing Your Mind Body Spirit for Greater Self Awareness

Enhancing your mind body spirit regularly results in every system of the mind soul dynamics functioning better. It strengthens the immune system and increases energy throughout the body which in turn gives us more fuel to be successful at whatever it is we are doing.enhancing your mind body and spirit image 2 Enhancing your mind body spirit, combined with exercise to get fit and lose weight and eating well, is good self-care. It provides the fuel we need for the focus and action it takes to transform dreams into results.

To start Enhancing your Mind Body and Spirit, the first thing is getting you into a mindset to change from a negative attitude to a positive one. This may come as a surprise but your attitude is more important than your aptitude in determining your success in life and is overall Enhancing Mind Body and Spirit. You can learn to have this kind of outlook on life, but it needs to be purposefully installed into your daily living routine. You probably know it takes about 3 weeks to break a habit by retraining it with a new one. If you are bothered with persistent negative thoughts toward life, you can replace this mindset with a new positive attitude habit.

Self-image – Most of us have a basic thought about ourselves and our value. Ideally, this should be positive yet realistic. A healthy self-image might be reflected by the thought, “I have many strengths that are clear to me and to others. I do have some weaknesses and I can work on improving them.”

Problem-solving ability – Breast cancer may be the biggest problem you have ever faced, but we constantly deal with the many challenges of life. Feeling empowered, rising to meet those challenges, and having strategies to solve problems can greatly reduce our stress.

morning stretch

By gently stretching limbs and body (picture a dog or cat getting up after a nap), all the while meditating / affirming / praying , you will send all kinds of positive messages back and forth from your brain and nervous system to your muscles. And it feels good, too!

Remember: your brain is in command of your physical body; your emotions control your spiritual body; your physical body can enhance or suppress your connection to Source / God (spiritual experience).

Chronic Stress is a different story. Unfortunately, most of us walk around in a state of chronic stress. Our muscles are tight, nerves on “edge” and feel ready to snap. Sound familiar? In a state of Chronic Stress, your brain is constantly firing, giving your body the message to work harder. Being a good body, it tries and tries. Your blood pressure goes up, the heart beats faster, muscles tire, and patience wears thin.

Feng Shui is a great way to get the ball rolling. Feng Shui is part science and part art and creates an environment of balance and prosperity. Feng Shui addresses the layout of space in a way the permits the most optimum flow of energy within ones environment. The Chinese believe that natural energy can be utilized to its fullest by the proper arrangement of things at home and by the correct establishment of houses and buildings. People in all cultures from around the world have experienced the remarkable capacity of how to create a more balanced and positive environment through Feng Shui.

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