Effective Upper Ab Workout

Staying fit is just fine, but actors, actresses, models, and beauty magazines somehow made having a flat tummy a necessity for truly being “fit”. Exercising is one thing, achieving a flat tummy is another; since you have to do specific exercises for those abs. However, there is a catch. The abs you’re trying to get in shape is made up of a single muscle called the rectus abdominus. While it is a single muscle, toning it can give you that six-pack look. To get that kind of look, you’ll need to do some upper ab workout.

Crunches are the kinds of exercises that target your abdomen more than any other part of your body. With some techniques, you can focus on one area of your abs. You’ll need to balance out your crunching routine to balance those abs. The targeting of the upper or lower abs isn’t complicated. The rules are: Moving your upper torso targets the upper abs more, and moving the hips or legs during the crunch works the lower abs more.

There are upper ab workout routines to get your upper abs in shape. They are, naturally, still crunches – done with a little style. Here are a few versions of these crunches for targeting the upper abs:

UV Crunch: No, there will be no sunburns of any kind. The UV crunch is named as such because you will be required to assume the position of either the letter U or letter V; the latter if you are more flexible. The crunch starts out with you lying on your back with your legs supported to be elevated at a 45 degree angle for the V crunch, or pointed to the ceiling for the U crunch. While you have your hands behind your head, lift your shoulders off the floor to assume the position of either letter.

Frog Leg Crunch: The frog leg crunch’s position is laying face down, heels together, and knees as wide as possible. While you have your hands behind your head, lift your shoulders off the floor without your legs moving out of position. Harder versions of the frog leg crunch include crossing the ankles, or extending your arms above your head instead of having your hands behind it while doing the crunch.

Semi-Crunch: This kind of crunch is difficult but can be done if you have good endurance and physical strength. The semi-crunch starting position can be anything; the basic being laying face down with legs together and knees bent, pointing up. While you have your hands behind your head, bring your shoulders off the floor. As your return from the crunch, don’t let your head touch the floor.

Crunches are the best exercises to do for working your abs. While you may specifically target your upper abs with various crunches, the whole rectus abdominus is being worked on. The aforementioned crunches, for instance, may emphasize more on the upper abs, but they will still work your lower abs a little.

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