Eating For Fibroids – Foods For Uterine Fibroid Shrinkage

The foods we eat affect our overall well-being in so many ways and this leads many women to wonder if specifically eating for fibroids is worth trying and whether there are any foods for uterine fibroid shrinkage. Indeed, there are elements of our diet which are worth changing, although it is best to view this as one part of an overall system for treating fibroids naturally.

Fibroids are caused as a result of number of primary and secondary factors which subtly interact with our unique make up to cause fibroid growth. What causes fibroids to grow in one woman may manifest itself as a different condition in another woman and so the only way to successfully eliminate fibroids is to use a multifaceted set of protocols which removes each and every possible contributory factor, no matter how small, making to body a neutralized zone where fibroids cannot grow.

Eating for fibroids is a very important part of this elimination process and for some women can provide noticeable results by itself when a woman eats foods for uterine fibroid shrinkage as well as excluding those known to aggravate the condition.

Certain foods have excellent cleansing and hormonal balancing properties whereas others are packed with essential nutrients needed for a healthy body, such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Foods with anti-inflammatory properties are also great for women with fibroids. Foods which help to control blood sugar are also particularly good foods for uterine fibroid shrinkage.

In general, eating for fibroids means choosing organic produce where possible. You should follow the basis of a healthy diet-one which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fat and which includes a moderate amount of lean protein. You should avoid processed foods and those which include additives and preservatives. Many women find that dairy products aggravate fibroids, so it could be worth excluding these and determining whether it makes a difference. Fruits are great cleansers and are packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes and sprouting vegetables are perfect for eating for fibroids as are whole grains and brown rice.

If you can incorporate foods for fibroid shrinkage into a holistic system for naturally treating fibroids, this is likely to give you the best possible chance of success.

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