Eat Steak to Get 6 Pack Abs!

Eating steak will help you get 6 pack abs. Fun? Yes! Real? Yes!

 Here’s how eating steak, and other ‘forbidden’ food, will help you get a ripped 6 pack. Getting ripped abs is never easy, but it can be easier.

Low Carbohydrate Works

OK, why eat steak? It’s tasty, satiating, and eating a low carbohydrate diet will accelerate your fat loss.

A low carbohydrate diet doesn’t work for everybody. But if your metabolism is messed up it can be very helpful re-setting it back to a normal level.

The reason low carbohydrate diets will help you get 6 pack abs faster is because they minimize your body’s release of the hormone insulin. Insulin is primarily released in response to dietary carbohydrates, and (if you’re eating too much) insulin can really pack on fat, since one of its primary purposes is to stimulate tissue growth.

By eating less carbohydrates, you manipulate your body’s hormones so that you draw on fat (either in your diet, or your body fat) primarily for fuel, rather than dietary carbohydrates. This helps many people lose weight, especially the really obese.

Also, I love eating meat! A steak is a great source of appetite satiating protein, which also helps you build muscle. 

Choose A Diet You Like

Now, no matter what diet you choose you must eat less to lose weight. That’s just how it works.

As long as you eat less, though, you don’t need any special meal timing methods. No six small meals a day, no magic, no timing of your eating is absolutely essential.

Calories count. As long as you remember that, no matter what diet or eating scheme you choose, you’ll lose weight. So choose one you like!

I usually eat a lot of vegetables and protein when I’m dieting to lose weight. The protein satiates my hunger, and vegetables fill me because I can eat a lot of them. I eat two or three orthodox, big meals and lose weight just fine.

It’s not a particularly low carbohydrate diet, but the carbohydrates I am eating are healthy ones, vegetables, with lots of vitamins and not a lot of calories. And the steak tastes good, especially with a little wedge of butter on top!

If eating a sugary diet works for you, do it. But I really enjoy a good steak, and eating so that I can have a steak every day and still lose weight is very fun.

Other Than Diet, Here’s What You Need To Do To Get 6 Pack Abs…

Really, diet is the most essential part of getting a ripped 6 pack. Even if your muscles are big, if you have too much fat you won’t look ‘ripped’.

Weight training helps a lot. It maintains your muscle mass when you diet to lose weight, and will help you put on muscle mass later. And it also burns calories, helping to accelerate your fat loss.

Running (or dancing or rock climbing or martial arts) also helps. These activities burn calories, and get you out of the house and having fun.

But if you don’t control your eating, you won’t get 6 pack abs. It’s not possible with too much body fat. I know – I’ve tried all the stupid and ineffective tricks out there, so you don’t have to. 

What To Do Now? Start!

Don’t just sit there. Start!

If you need more advice and guidance to get 6 pack abs, click on the links below. I’ve outlined exactly what I do to get ripped, and stay that way.

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